Sunday, April 7, 2013

Square Foot Garden - Update 1

Houston, we have a growing garden!!

(Pictures taken on Holy Saturday ~)

(Lettuce )



(JalapeƱo Peppers)

(Sweet Bell Peppers)

And around my yard...

(Roses in bloom.)

(Autumn Sage - which blooms about 10 months of the year.)

(Some flower buds on my Prickly Pear)

(New paddles GALORE on my Prickly Pear.)

We are so excited to see the garden grow!  Hoping it continues to thrive.  

Happy Sunday!

~  Patty  ~


  1. Oh, I am so jealous! We've still got SNOW in the forecast for this week. However, it is a lovely sunny day outside today. I better get out there and enjoy the balmy 46 degrees while it lasts!

  2. Oh Patty...that is amazing! Yay for you all! Keep us updated! : )

  3. Oh, gosh, that was fun to see!! Thanks for sharing with us up north people!! (who won't see spring til June!)

  4. Looks great, lucky you for being able to see green stuff in the ground :) We had good luck the past couple of years with our garden, don't think we are going to do one this year. I like how the soaker hose is right there ready to go!

  5. I am so jealous!! This week we're supposedly having temperatures over freezing. I can't even think about gardening until the end of April.

  6. Jealous!!! Can't wait to get things going in the's about time here in KC! Looking forward to future posts.

  7. Wish I had a green go, girl!

  8. Love the signs of Spring! We are experiencing a warm day today, windy, but the sun is shining beautifully! Just love it :) God Bless.

  9. Hi Patty, I've always wanted to grow a garden... yours is beautiful! Just love it!


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