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San Antonio Field Trip - Day 1

So, I promised this trip...oh....about a year ago.  And Mabel did not let me forget :)

I use Seton Curriculum, and the 3rd grade History covers the Spanish Catholic influence in the Americas, in particular, the Spanish Missions throughout the south and southwest.

Early Saturday morning, Mabel, Stan, and myself headed down to San Antonio for their FUN-tastic field trip!

First stop ::

San Antonio River Walk ~

~ and lunch!

~ with some friends!

(Actually, a lot of these guys :)

The tour boats motored by every-so-often.  Very inviting!

So we took bought tickets for a tour of the historical river walk.

Second stop ::

River Walk Boat tour 

(Since many of you probably can't get there as easily as we can, we'll share the "views" with you!)

Those five bells represent each of the five original Spanish Missions (one being the Alamo.)

Quick history lesson -1691

June 13. Domingo Teran de los Rios, first Governor of the new Province of Texas, accompanies Father Damian Massanet on his return trip to East Texas. Camping at a rancheria of Payaya Indians on a stream called Yanaguana, someone said "let's celebrate mass and rename the stream 'San Antonio' because it is Saint Anthony’s day"

The Spanish Council of war approves a site on the San Antonio River for a fortified presidio (fort). This same council also approves the request to establish a mission at the site.
Martin de Alarcon, Governor of Texas, names the presidio San Antonio de Bejar in honor of the Duque de Bejar, The Mission of San Francisco de Solano is moved from the Rio Grande to merge with Mission San Antonio de Padua. The mission is renamed Mission San Antonio de Valero. The presidio, the villa and the mission comprise the municipality named San Antonio de los Llanos (of the Plains) by Governor Alarcon.
Mission San Antonio moves to its second site on the east bank near the present day St. Joseph's Church on Commerce.
Mission San Antonio is moved to its third and final site on Alamo Plaza because of hurricane flooding at the previous site.

(The "husband" is upset, yet the "wife" seems happy :)

(NAFTA building - North American Free Trade Agreement between Canada, the U.S., and Mexico.)

(The hospital in the U.S. that boasts to have been the first with a.c.)
(A server in a restaurant...who takes his job seriously...LOL)

Tour boat complete :)

Third stop ::
The Alamo~

Mission San Antonio is moved to its third and final site on Alamo Plaza because of hurricane flooding at the previous site.

*Alamo history can be found here.
Stan the man was SO excited for this stop mainly because he read about David Crockett who fought and died at the Alamo.

We saw one of his rifles, a knife, his hairbrush, and a lock of his hair in the museum!  Super cool experience for Stan.

Inside the grounds ~

Once we moved inside the old living quarters (now the museum), no photography was allowed.  Same rules for inside the old church.

Fourth (and final) Stop for Day 1 ::
Our Hotel ~

(They quickly learned that the pool was not heated and was rather on the chilly side!)

He moved to warmer waters rather quickly :)

I was SO ready for this moment!  Ha ha!
A friend of mine asked if the older girls were jealous because they didn't go.  I took Sally and Ester on the same field trip four years ago.  Everyone was happy :)

Here is a link to Day 2 of our trip, visiting the Spanish missions.  
Happy Monday!
~  Patty  ~


  1. Patty...what an awesome mother you are! How exciting this must be for your two little ones...actually seeing and touching the history they are learning about. So memorable...

    And that last picture=my favorite. I always love that part of a trip...all freshly bathed and snuggled in crisp white sheets...Enjoy, friend!

    P.S. I am loving your longer hair!

  2. Thanks, Billie Jo. I personally think that is a horrible pic of myself LOL! Up at 6am...and field trippin in the heat and humidity...slouched back in my chair like that...oh how scary! LOL

  3. What a great time! Good job for making it happen!

    1. After a year of waiting, I better have or I would have had a mutiny on my hands! :)

  4. We spent a month in San Antonio last fall and loved it! We visited Sea World, the zoo, botanical gardens etc... We all, including the children ( ages 10, 8, and 2) loved the missions more than anything! I took about 500 pictures and we are having mission pictures framed as our special souvenirs to remember our trip. Have fun!

    1. How wonderful! Especially since it is such a rich in culture and history city! We love going there and always enjoy ourselves immensely. Glad you had such a wonderful experience, too!

  5. What a great trip!! They look like they are having a blast! I went to San Antonio when I was a kid...remember the Alamo, that's about it, oh, and how everyone had huge southern accents down there!

    Can't believe it's warm enough to swim down there, it's so cold up here!

    1. After almost six years, I still am floored by the southern hospitality and just plain old good manners!

  6. What an awesome trip!! And gorgeous pictures- you photography talent shows! How fun that you got that special time with Stan and Mabel. And I love the pic with you in it. :) Thanks for the history lesson.

  7. Fantastico!!!! I would love to go there someday:) That River Walk is so inviting! Looks like you had a blast with your camera...I would have too:) You are one great Mama for taking them on this memorable trip.

  8. Fun, fun, fun Patty! Creating special memories for two of your youngest. They will remember it always. It struck me too, how warm it must be there if your children are in shorts and bathing suits. Much cooler up this way. By the way, I love boat tours and river walks. Such beauty can be found in the US and enjoyed by a leisurely boat ride. That's a gigantic shark hanging in the Joe's Crab Shack balcony and freaky faces on the one building!

  9. I love that last photo of the two of them ready for bed, so cute! I'd love to see the River Walk some day. Jonah would love to see the Alamo in person. Maybe someday!!


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