Monday, April 29, 2013

Jasmine Star - Dick & Jane - Good Medicine

This is my climbing Jasmine Star.

I was so excited to see all the new growth.

I planted it last year and pruned it for the first time this past winter.  (Holding my breath that I did it correctly!)

(May I add, that this is my first Jasmine plant that I planted?)

And see the tiny little star flower below?

The first has blossomed, and soon the entire plant will be covered with delicate, intoxicating, white star flowers.

(The scent reminds me of lilac up in the Midwest.)

I've been trying to wait patiently.  I have a hard time with patience.

I cannot say I need instant gratification, but when life has been thrown a giant curve ball....well....let's say patience is not my virtue.

May I add, thank God for priests!  Having a priest to talk to and just unloading the 'weight of the world' (as it sometimes seems) is a blessing indeed.

Having people praying along with you is such a blessing as well!  We all need prayers and it is a wonderful feeling to know people have your back.

I just love  Bougainvillea plants!

I was trying to be patient, waiting for them to show up in the nurseries around here.  Finally found them.

Do you recall when I showed you my cactus earlier this spring?  With all of its new paddles?

NOT quite a month later...

A monstrosity!

I put the picture on Facebook and a cousin made the comment..."At least none of the kids will try to escape."

I keep telling David, "At least no one will try to break in!"

Yowzer!  Can you imagine falling onto the needles or even the thorns on the rose bushes?

No medicine would help the poor person "stuck" in a bind like that!  Ha ha!

And wouldn't you agree that good medicine comes in the form of good friends?

For those of you who know Tiffany in the blog world...she was in town again and we were able to schedule a quick visit.

Good friends, near and far, are truly blessings from God!  I am so incredibly thankful for all my friends...near and far...through the blog world and in real life!

Now you may be asking yourself, "How does Dick and Jane fall in this picture?"

Well, look-ie here...

Isn't that the sweetest, little skirt??

If you ever get the chance, stop in at  They make the cutest things!

 I found this adorable skirt, as well as a vintage cowboy/cowgirl patterned skirt for $10-$12 on their sale site. hubs said it's getting late and reminds me that Miss Clementine has been getting up in the middle of the night....M.O.L.A.R.S.  Poor kiddo.  (And poor Mommy and Daddy who aren't getting much sleep.)

Must sign off now...Nighty Night!

~  Patty  ~


  1. Look at all that gorgeous flora!! I admire your green thumb. So jealous that you and Tiffany got to meet up- she and I are practically neighbors but have yet to meet. Love Clementine's attire!!! Patty, I will keep praying!!

  2. I agree with Laurie...I so admire your plant-y-ness! I love mom had a huge bush in our yard growing up...I had a few put in next to my door. When they bloom in the spring, the smell takes me right back to my childhood.

    Still praying for your intention...and glad you have a priest to speak with and so many friends to join you in prayer. We have a dear family friend who is a fact he is Rhett's godfather...and I feel so blessed to be able to turn to him in times of need.

    Love your little sweetie's skirt. Thanks for the link. Heading over there now. And guess what? Made your ribs this weekend and they were DELISH!!!! Everyone loved them. And I even sent some down to my parents and they LOVED them! My dad loves ribs, and he told me they were great. So thank you, dear friend. And if we ever bring Peyton down to Southfork...hope you don't mind if I give you a call! : )

  3. The garden is gorgeous and I love that skirt - plus the cute little baby feet :)

  4. Oh, it's so fun to see things growing in another part of the country! Thanks so much for sharing them with us! Love the skirt, and love Tiffany!! So fun you are real life friends.

  5. Loving that Jasmine plant! So very beautiful. I too love the lilac bushes in springs.

    I've been MIA with both Communion and getting a new computer so I haven't been around to visit. I just got myself caught up a bit on your last few posts... and your loved ones are in my thoughts and prayers.


  6. I just love that cactus protection idea! Has me thinking...Hmmm:) The good medicine is mutual, my friend!

  7. Just checking in on you...and hoping you are doing okay. Hugs and prayers, Patty!

  8. Same as Val, Patty...just checking on you and saying miss ya!


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