Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hair - Baptismal Birthday - and Wiffle Ball

What a mumbo-jumbo mess of a post, huh?

First up ~ my pixie cut grow out.

You are going to think I am an absolute nut when I say I found this particular process on Pinterest!!

Maybe Matilda made the process SO SO SO easy for me (and I've had three pixie cuts in my adult life.)

I'm at 5 months now ::

My hair is naturally wavy when I blow dry it.

The growing out process was the most pain-free that I've endured.


When I'd go in for a trim, I'd have a printed off set of cutting directions from Maybe Matilda and give them to the hairdresser.

Second up ~ Ester's Baptismal Birthday

We celebrated her special day late since I was in San Antonio on the actual day.

We haven't had any books from the series, but look forward to begin reading them.

Third up ~ Wiffle ball in the evening.

How much fun it is when Dad is home by dinner time....and it is beautiful, Texas evening outside!!!!

A few more kids came out to play as the game wore on.  To even the sides, this mama even jumped in to play.  (It's been a long time since I played High School softball, but I still have it, folks *wink* :)

It was a nail biter!

Passing happy thoughts your way!

**Adding on here, please keep the town of West, Texas in your prayers!**

~  Patty  ~


  1. Your hair is growing out so cute. I haven't posted yet, but I just got mine cut short last week. We could almost be twinsies!
    Oh how fun it would be to get outside and play ball. Heck, play anything not involving snowpants and mittens! Looks like a blast.

  2. I love your hair too!! I like you showing us, will you show us every month? What a fun website you found...makes me kind of want a pixie cut. (kind of) I've never had short hair, shorter than my chin. I've always wanted to, I just don't think I'm a short hair person. (the hubs likes long hair) You look so pretty either way.

    Prayers for that explosion, wow, lots of tragedies.

    Love the toe eating baby, adorable!

  3. Loving your hair, Patty! And your neighborhood ball game looks fun... Cutie-patootie in the stroller there! Have a nice evening, friend! : )

  4. My hair is wavy, too. I love those "pick up" games, where you just pick up kids as the game goes on!
    Love that last picture! :D

  5. I LOVE your hair! I just got mine cut pretty short. I've told myself that after I get back to my goal weight then I might consider a pixie cut. I don't know if my face shape will make it look good.

  6. Hi Patty! What's a Baptisimal Birthday? I'm just guessing here but do you celebrate her Baptism every year on the day? What do you usually do to celebrate? I've never done anything like that but I love the idea... will you share? ~tara

    1. Hi Tara! Good question and I'd love to answer them for you (and maybe someone else who is thinking the same thing :) Since baptism is such a BIG deal, it should be treated as such. Some years back, a priest asked in his homily if we knew when our baptism date was? He encouraged those who didn't know it to mark it down on their calendars and to celebrate it in some special way each year. He encouraged reflection on the importance of the day we became a child of God. So we began a wonderful custom (that plenty of people in the Catholic community do.) Each year, on the actual day, we get out the baptismal candle (David and I do not have ours any longer - but I suppose we could purchase new ones), and sing happy birthday. We go through the baptism cards that the children received as little ones and sometimes look at old pictures. I always pick up some small gift that has to do with their faith. A simple way to increase their love for their (very tangible) faith. Where we haven't done this from the get go with our eldest, we have certainly enjoyed the custom for the past five or six years. Very easy to get started and one the children just love! They all know theirs (and one another's) baptismal dates by heart! I have purchased a sacrament box for each of the children. Ester's is pictured next to her on the table in one of the above pictures. In it, the kids place their baptismal candle, white baby baptism garment that they received from the priest, cards from EVERY sacrament they have made, the girls have their First Communion veils folded neatly in the boxes (we have a heirloom dress they have taken turns wearing stored away), etc, etc. They keep their boxes on a shelf in their closets. We take them down on their baptism birthday every year. They really look forward to this special day :) Hope that helps!

    2. Forgot to mention, if you click on Baptism under the labels section on the left side of the blog, you will see a handful of things we have given the children to celebrate their special day :)

  7. I have always loved the idea of celebrating baptism days. With the boys making their confirmations, I had already thought about that I would like to start- it is never too late, right? I love the gifts. And your looks fantastic. :)

  8. Hi friend. I'm been away so long. So I'm finally doing a little catch up. Breaking away for Lent made it difficult to return. how did I ever have the time to blog !! Miss you and hope you are well. I do love your hair -- it's naturally beautiful. love the waves. anyway, you are in my prayers and thoughts. Happy Easter and God bless you and your family.

  9. Cute hari Patty! You've been blessed with waves... me too! I've never had short hair though. Don't think it would look right one me. Love that pretty colored bracelet for Ester. You celebrate her baptism date annually? I've never heard of that but that's really great idea! I can't even recall off the top of my head, what date would be my son's?? May have to pull out his baptismal certificate.

  10. Adorable hair, Patty and so cute and youthful on you! This was a really great post...I love all of the fun things you are doing. My son Luke loves that Basilica series. He got that same book for Easter and just started it...It's the 2nd in the series and I'm thrilled that he liked it:) See you soon, can't wait!


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