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What is this Eucharistic Adoration that you hear Catholics talking about?  

Well, I copied from here, a beautiful answer to that question ~

Understood simply, Eucharistic Adoration is adoring or honouring the Eucharistic Presence of Christ. In a deeper sense, it involves "the contemplation of the Mystery of Christ truly present before us".
During Eucharistic Adoration, we "watch and wait", we remain "silent" in His Presence and open ourselves to His Graces which flow from the Eucharist ... By worshiping the Eucharistic Jesus, we become what God wants us to be! Like a magnet, The Lord draws us to Himself and gently transforms us.
In its fullest essence ... Eucharistic Adoration is "God and Man reaching out for each other, at the same time!"

You may be wondering what is the difference in communion that Protestants use in their services and that of the Holy Communion (Holy Eucharist, Blessed Sacrament) that Catholics refer to?

Copying from the same site another beautiful answer ~

At the moment of Consecration, during the Mass, the "gifts" of bread and wine are transformed (transubstantiated) into the actual Body and Blood of Christ, at the Altar. This means that they are not only spiritually transformed, but rather are actually (substantially) transformed into the Body and Blood of Christ. The elements retain the appearance of bread and wine, but are indeed the actual Body and Blood of Christ. This is what is meant by Real Presence: the actual, physical presence of Jesus in the Eucharist.
Christ instituted this Holy Sacrament of the Eucharist in order to remain with mankind until the end of time (Jn. 14:18).

Each Friday, I am at Holy Hour.  I faithfully attend the same day and time each week and sometimes bring one or two of the kids with me.  (Mainly because I am now in a chapter of life that allows me to do so :)

You may be asking "Why spend an hour there?"

Because, as Catholics, we believe that Christ is truly and substantially present in the Eucharist, the Blessed Sacrament is given the same adoration and devotion that is accorded to Christ.
At the beginning of the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, a priest or deacon removes the sacred host from the tabernacle and places it in the Monstrance on the Altar for adoration by the faithful. "Monstrance" is the vessel used in the Church to display the consecrated Eucharistic Host, during Eucharistic adoration or benediction. The word monstrance comes from the Latin word monstrare, meaning "to expose". It is known in Latin as an Ostensorium. When a consecrated host is placed in the monstrance, It is said to be a solemn exposition.
When the Monstrance contains the Sacred Host, the priest does not touch it with his bare hands, but instead, holds it with a humeral veil, a wide band of cloth that covers his shoulders (humera) and has pleats on the inside in which he places his hands.
At all other times, the reserved Sacrament is kept locked in the Tabernacle, so that the faithful may pray in the presence of the Sacrament.
"Perpetual Adoration" is Eucharistic Adoration round the clock (that is, twenty-four hours a day). A "Holy Hour" is "Eucharistic Adoration of Reparation" which lasts for about an hour.
Adoration ceremonies traditionally include Scripture readings, hymns, prayers and time for silent adoration.

What do I pray for?  

I pray for so many people.  I LOVe to pray for others, sincerely and deeply from my heart.  Sadly, this may be the only time I remember to pray for others who have very specific needs.  

I am not writing this for affirmation, but for you.  I would LOVE to pray for your intentions, too.  Putting others before me has helped me get over many personal moments of discouragement, frustration, pain and envy.  

If you ever need that very special intention, please know I will offer it up for you in my Holy Hour.  Just drop me a line and tell me as simply as this..."I need prayers!".  

Jesus sits there and waits for us, beckoning to spend the time with Him.  He loves us so much!

~  Patty  ~


  1. Love, love, loved this post!!! I JUST completed my first Adoration experience earlier this week. I can't believe how fast the hour past. I loved it...when I first went in I could not stop the tears...I was overcome with emotion. But as time passed, I felt such a calming presence. I'm so glad that everyone else in there is wrapped up in their own time with God other wise I would have felt ridiculous, but I just knew that no one was "watching" me!!!

    Great post!

  2. sorry..."the hour passed". sometimes my fingers don't type what my brain really means! :)

  3. Beautiful post. Adoration has long been one of my favorite things in our faith. Until recently, I just couldn't/didn't find ways to make it work with kids. Now I am getting back into it, even if only once a month. I so treasure that precious time with the Lord. I will remember to forward any special requests for prayers :-)

  4. Lovely post, Patty! You know how I feel about Adoration;-) Sometimes I feel like shouting from the On a serious note, I am terrible about asking for prayers! I need to be better for that because I know how much I love to pray for others as well. Thank you for that heartfelt offer and wonderful reminder!

  5. This is lovely Patty and such an important part of our faith. I'm hoping to do better with having a holy hour consistently, my husband does one each week. Thanks for the reminder :) You know my big prayer intention :) I appreciate your prayers!

  6. There you go again, Patty! Inspiring me to be a better Catholic...and in turn wife, mommy, daughter, friend,...You are the best! : )

    P.S. I forgot cook...I am making your BBQ Babyback ribs on Sunday! EEK! Sooo excited!!!

    1. You are TOO kind! Enjoy those ribs...they are going to make your house smell DIVINE!

  7. It's been way too long since I've been to adoration. I had quite an amazing experience at adoration a few years ago. If you could offer up a quick prayer for me to get out of this dark funk I'd really appreciate it!

    1. I have you covered, Maggie ;) You know, for me, it really depended on which chapter of life I was in. You have a lot going on, not trying to discourage you, just don't want you to beat yourself up. God knows the prayers on your heart!

  8. Beautiful post!! You've made Jesus smile and me too!

    I used to have an assigned hour, til my last pregnancy, with each baby, I take a little more than a year off. I yearn for it.

    This is very timely. I decided this past weekend that I am going to take my 3 oldest to Adoration weekly, taking turns, one one time for an hour and then the other 2 the next time for an hour. (I get 2 hours--yay!) Our first time was today. My daughter was arguing with me on the way, I ended up in tears...ADD/ODD issues, I ended up in tears, couldn't wait for Jesus to just pour His Graces upon her! When we walked out, she apologized and hugged me, and I forgave her and told her that I could see Jesus pouring His graces on her and they were falling all around her.

    18 or 19 years ago, I took a pilgrimage to Medjugorje with my parents, younger sister and brother. (one protestant brother did not go) After this loooong journey, (with a ton of blessings) the very last day, we found the Adoration chapel. We were there for 10 days and did not know it was there til the last day. I kneeled down in the packed chapel, and realized at that very moment that we did not need (NEED) to go so far, that Jesus was right in our hometown and in every Catholic church waiting for us. Same Jesus. Waiting. Oh, I have more stories...but I'm taking up too much space!

  9. I just got back from an hour of Adoration and it is amazing. The quiet...absolute peaceful. I need to make more time for this. It is such a gift that I need to make better use of!


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