Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring Break

Ha!  Ha!  Were you expecting a beach side photo?!

As the superintendent of my own school,  (insert eye brow wiggle),  I schedule vacation time as I see fit.  (Always getting in 180 days of school.)

Spring break started this week.  And I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to a slow pace :)

And cleaning.

My house is not immaculate...not filthy either.  Where it is clean, it is totally not magazine worthy!

Way back when...I was a TOTAL cleaning fanatic.  Quite anal.  My house sparkled most of the time.  I'd say you could have eaten off the bathroom floor, but who really would want to do that!

Then life happened.  More kids.  Growing bodies.  Bodies growing old.  (Clearing throat...mine in particular.)  School work definitely eats up more time (and energy).

I somehow learned to "chillax," as my kids would say.

I honestly don't know what I would do without my kids' help!!  Brag alert ::  They have been trained to clean everything and anything.  I want them to be productive when they are older and on their own, and I am very proud of them.


Cabinets and vanities.

Shoot!  Have you ever freaked out  when  guests saw the greasy, grimy smudge marks all over your cabinets??  I have.

Goodness gracious.  I knew others wouldn't judge me because my cabinets had smudges,  but I judged myself.  As though the smudge marks weighed my worth.

Women are strange creatures, aren't we??


 I have two big cleaning projects scheduled for the next two weeks.

1.  Washing out and washing down the kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities.  (The kids have helped and we did accomplish the goal!)

2.  My master closet.  Holy Toledo...since last fall, it hasn't looked like anything BUT the north pole workshop or birthday party headquarters.  

I'm ready to reclaim my closet!


Oh... I'm not all work and no play.  Seriously!  As I type this, I'm enjoying a glass of wine...at 4:45pm.

Don't gasp.   It's 5 O'clock somewhere, right?  And I am officially on vacay.

I have two GREAT field trips planned, possibly a third.

The weather is shaping up to be glorious.

And I have vacation time as we wait to hear from Rome.  (That's worth a lot right there!)  Who can concentrate on school with history in the making??


Signing off now, because I still have to make dinner....vacation or not :)


~  Patty  ~


  1. This is what I do too! The great thing is we usually get all the cleaning done in about two full days, then head to the zoo or something fun.
    Enjoy that wine!

  2. You are getting me excited, Patty! I get antsy this time of year to do the same...and how awesome you are teaching your children these things they need to be independent adults. We are going to be doing ours soon, I hope! And how awesome is that feeling when you're done!!

    Enjoy your break, dear friend!

  3. You have such a wonderful way with words, Patty! I just smiled the whole way through:) Have a wonderful Spring-cleaning-break. Oh, and the field trips too! I need to find the energy to clean out closets with this "body growing old!" Boy, do I feel it. I think I'll just say "Salud" and leave it at that. Have a wonderful break!

  4. Enjoy your well deserved break, Patty!

  5. Have fun with Spring Break!! Look forward to seeing your field trips :)

  6. Your Spring Break sounds ideal!!! My kiddos' school starts today...at 3 PM!!!


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