Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sigh...another prayer request

This one is for my daughter who left this morning for her Confirmation retreat.

I ask that you keep Sally, and all the candidates in your prayers, that God may bless them with abundant grace and for a continued growth in faith and love of our Lord.

Oh...and you can toss one up for me, too!  I'm an overnight chaperone and will be heading up to the retreat area after dinner this evening. a waste of time anyway, right?!  Ha ha!

Gotta run....

Have a beautiful weekend and blessed Sunday!

~  Patty   ~


  1. Prayers for both of you from our family!

  2. Prayers for grace your daughter and sleep for you, Patty! : )

  3. Prayers!!!!! My Marky is gone just for today (til 10 pm) for his retreat.

  4. Sending prayers! You are one brave woman :)

  5. Great idea to ask for bloggy prayers! I should have done that for Wesley...He just had his Confirmation retreat last weekend. I didn't help at our retreat since my other little "guy" at home had a birthday friend coming:) A very exciting Sacrament, indeed! I will be praying for your sweetie and YOU too. Hope it was blessed!


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