Monday, March 4, 2013

I Am 44!

That number was a little bit harder to swallow for some reason.

Kind of like taking a pill...some go down easier than others.

Some get stuck and you need to really take a big swig of water in order for it to pass down "pipeline".

Some just make you flex your throat muscles a bit more before the pill can pass.  That's what this number was like for me.  No BIG deal, but definitely a little harder to swallow.

Whatever the case, my family showed me the love!

And Oh how I love how my girls are growing into such thoughtful and creative shoppers!  They used their own allowance to purchase their gifts to me.

Take these pretty hair clips...

I have been growing out my pixie cut.  Miss Ester knows how I like to pop in a hair clip once in awhile, and decided I should have some pretty ones from Vera Bradley.

I LOVE 'em!

Then there are those pretty wallflowers from Bath and Body Works.

Little Miss Mabel used her own allowance to purchase this blue one AND a white one :)

She knows blue is my favorite color, which makes this gift even more special!

I have been talking about downsizing my diaper bag.   

Well, Miss Sally (and Stan the man)  gave me a  generous gift card to Vera Bradley.   That was really cool!

Between that and some other gift money, I was able to downsize to  this Two-Way Tote in Go Wild today at the store.  

We ate at my favorite Mexican restaurant for lunch,  Esparza's.

The weather....oh! my! goodness!...88 and just glorious!!

I just love these guys!!

I will go to bed knowing how blessed I am.  But before I do, I thought I'd share my birth story with you.    

My mom and dad were living in *tiny, two bedroom apartment with four kids, ages 1 - 6.  Mom was nine months pregnant with me when my four siblings came down with the chicken pox.  Can you imagine being nine months pregnant and that happened??  She prayed and prayed that she wouldn't go into labor until the kids were on the mend.  

God provided!  She went into labor one week after my due date,  and delivered a 10lb  baby girl, me! 

*They had purchased a two unit, two story, apartment and were renting out the upper unit to save money for a BIG remodel job.  

Women are amazing creatures!

~  Patty  ~


  1. Patty, I am happy to be the first in Blogland to wish you a very, very, happy and blessed birthday! Judging by the pictures, it seems it was indeed just that!

    How sweet were your children's thoughtful. And may I just add...I love your hair!!! It is beautiful!

    Yes, 44...I am right behind you, dear friend. Come fall, I will be right there with you! Again, Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday! Love the pictures and the beautiful stories of the thoughtful children you're raising!
    God bless you and your always, K

  3. Oh, Patty happy birthday!! You look wonderful! You are only 6 mos older than me!! I love your birth story! What special kiddos you have, looks like you had a wonderful day, you deserve it! Gosh, it's snowing like crazy here in MN and you get to eat outside on your birthday--everyone should get to do that! God bless you!

  4. What a lovely day you surely are blessed by a wonderful, loving family. And I'm with Jamie Jo - I'd love to be outside and not be knee deep in snow. We just got 9 inches and my hubby is out of town. I know what we're doing for "recess" today!

  5. Glad you had such a wonderful birthday! Here's another funny story: One of my sisters brought home the chicken pox, and all 8 of us (my 2 younger brothers hadn't been born yet) had it at the same time.
    40 was my "rough time". 50 was a BREEZE!!!

  6. Happy birthday Patty! You look beautiful and young! I know the feeling of aging well. I'm a couple of years older and it's an odd feeling to think I'm closing in on 50! Your children were very thoughtful in their gifts for you. You've done an amazing job raising your children! God bless and enjoy your gifts!

    Can't believe your weather is so warm. We're in the 20's with a major winter storm happening. No school today for my son.

  7. Happy birthday, dear Patty! I am right on your heels and will be 44 come summer. How does this happen?!!! LOL You look beautiful and I am loving your new hair style, but then you always look so smart and together. Gotta agree with Jamie Jo, 88 degrees...we should all be so lucky!

  8. OH my goodness, oh my goodness, I am SO LATE to the party!! Just reading this post in my Reader now. So behind. Can't believe I didn't know it was your birthday. Happy Birthday to an amazing, delightful and beautiful woman I've never met :) I love that your birthday was beautiful and very special. How cute are you??!! Love the hair and look at your tan glisten!! So jealous!! We just got more snow :( Not fair.

    Any way, I hope your day was very blessed and the year of 44 is even more. Much love and hugs from MN!! I am off to google Vera Bradley because I've never heard of that store before.

    1. Sarah, you crack me up! Wish you lived next door! Vera Bradley ... on the website, you can see a product, but click on the SALE colors and then you can get a great $$. Otherwise, their items are pricey. We usually shop the "sale rack" online ;)

  9. Glad you had a glorious day, surrounded by so many blessings...Including YOU:) What sweet and thoughtful gestures from your kiddos. Love your cute with the clips too! Great family photo at the restaurant!~Birthday hugs across the miles:)

  10. Just had to come over and tell you WE had french toast for dinner last night too!!!! : )

  11. Thank you, ladies, for the beautiful birthday wishes!!

  12. I thought it looked like your hair was growing out - I really like it!! I'm glad you had such a wonderful birthday, even if it did go down a bit harder :) May God bless you this whole year through!!

  13. How did I miss this!! Happy, happy birthday! :) From where I am sitting (50 on Saturday!), 44 seems like a nice size pill. It is funny how some birthdays hit though. I love all the gifts, the cake, the lunch out... what a special day. And I love your birth story! I can only imagine how your mom must have been praying. That was accommodating of you to wait. ;)

  14. Hello! Billie Jo sent me over to wish you a Happy Birthday! You have a beautiful family!
    Elizabeth :)

  15. Happy belated birthday! Love your birth story..I'm the 5th child too :-)

  16. Happy Birthday Patty.... I found you through Billie Jo... hope to stop by again... tara

  17. Happy (belated) birthday, Patty! I am so glad you had such a special day with your family! :) Your family is so sweet, and you do not look 44 at all!

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