Thursday, March 21, 2013

Dallas Arboretum Field Trip

Tuesday, we packed in a field trip to the  Dallas Arboretum, and as always, the Dallas Blooms did not let us down!

For you folks up north who are sick and tired of winter, I thought I'd share a little bit of sunshine!

Five other families were able to join us.  

(The pyramid had a slide on it for the kids to play on :)

(Gorgeous weather for a picnic lunch!)

(Some of our buddies.)

I came home from the Confirmation retreat with a chest cold brewing.  I felt awful the night before this field trip, but I was the coordinator and had all the money to get in.  So I convinced myself that plenty of OTC drugs would get me through it!

Then mother nature arrived the morning week early.  Lovely.

So when I developed a fever by Tuesday night, I made sure to get to the doctor.  Thank goodness for antibiotics!

Tonight, however, I had Tamiflu on the dinner menu.  Yup.  A few of my kids, who appeared perfectly healthy 48 hours ago, suddenly started dropping like flies.

 And apparently, both Influenza A and Influenza B are being represented.  (So far, the baby does not show signs of it, and the doctor was good enough to give preventative doses to those who aren't sick - yet.)

I told the pediatrician today that I would have preferred Strep.  He agreed.  

BTW, Stan the man is the sickest.  Please say a little prayer for him.  He has Type A, the worse of the two.  It is known to present all symptoms and rather severely.  In which case, that has proven true with my little guy.

So, I guess this means there will be no more adventures on our spring break.  Hopefully, we will all be healthy in time for Easter??

~  Patty ~


  1. I am so sorry you all are sick. You know I feel for you. Can I just say that I am insanely jealous over Clementine's hair! I wish Cupcake had that much hair. She's barely got enough to brush, much less clip back. Feel better soon!

  2. I know the calendar says spring, but it is far from it up here in MN. So jealous of your beautiful field trip!

    Praying for a speedy recovery for you all. We're in the middle of cough/colds at our house. So far, nothing serious, just annoying. Get lots of rest!

  3. First off...prayers and hugs for a quick recovery for you all. Hoping you all are able to rest and be well very soon! And thank you so for the beautiful, beautiful photos of your field trip! I almost felt the sun on my face and the warm air around me as I looked at them!

    And I think I recognize your little sweetie's darling outfit...I think Flynn has one from the same grouping...I love the sleepy baby pic of her! Adorable!

    Well, off to bed...hope you are all well soon, friend!

  4. I hope you are all on the mend asap! Thanks for a glimpse of your spring :)

  5. The flowers are beautiful...especially those tulips!
    Give Stan a hug for me...poor little guy. Way to look on the bright side: at least they WILL be healthy for Easter!

  6. I just adore your family! You take the best field trips! Beautiful pictures of the arboretum.

    I can't believe how long Clementine's hair is getting! She is so adorable! :)

  7. We had that flu here too...ugh!!! First time in my life to take Tamiflu and I swear by it...I know others haven't had good luck with it, but I took it too late...and suffered for days...we got Luke on it at the first sign of high fever and it truly did nip it in the bud! He wasn't nearly as sick as the rest of us.

    The pics make me long for Spring!!! Huge storm moving in from Denver tomorrow...measureable and shoveable snow. ugh!!!!!!!!!!!

    Clementine in the pansies...precious!!!!

  8. Oh those flowers make me LONG for sunny days! Happy Holy Week!

  9. Your post started with your gorgeous photos. A true feast for the eyes! Love the vibrant colors of the flowers and the joy on the faces of the sweet children. Then to read on and hear about everyone's bout with influenza. So sorry! Poor Stan! Hope he is feeling better now and you're all on the mend :)

  10. I will pray for a quick recovery. I wish you were closer so I could share some of our stock of homemade chicken noodle soup from the freezer. Your pictures from the field trip are just stunning! Spring has sprung where you are!

  11. Absolutely phenomenal photos!!! You did an amazing job. What a sweet comment by Laurie..."Ditto!" Praying you are on the mend by now. Those buddy shots are priceless too...A little sunshine and God's fresh air brings out the best smiles:)


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