Friday, March 8, 2013

Birthday Girl is 12!

12 today.  (Wouldn't you just love being that young again?)

Today she is a healthy, happy 12 year old.  She shares her birthday with her patron saint's feast day, St. John of God - patron saint of heart patients.  How cool is that!

Today, we celebrate as a family.

Tomorrow, she's fixin' to have a horse riding party at the stables.

Need I mention that she's oober excited?

Happy birthday to our Little miss.  May God bless you and keep you always!


Mom & Dad



  1. Happy Birthday! I hope that you all enjoy a wonderful day together!

  2. Happy happy happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter, Patty! Prayers tomorrow for the sun to shine on her party! Pictures, please? : )

  3. Happy Birthday Ester!! I hope your day has been wonderful and tomorrow's party fantabulous! Cannot wait for photos. And I know a girl who can't wait to see them either ;)

  4. I just caught a glimpse of her adult beauty...still years away...but lurking! She is precious and I can't wait to see pics of the horse party!!!

  5. Birthday prayers for a beautiful princess.

  6. Happy Birthday! She is beautiful. My sweet little girl would love to ride horses.

  7. OK, this is a birthday post, I didn't think I'd cry through the whole thing! (I read your link back) Wow, even more reason to celebrate each day with her!! She's a living miracle! God bless your sweet daughter! I didn't even know these were made up names til the cake w/the blotted out name! Cute. (mine are too) My oldest will be 13 on Sunday! His party is tomorrow also, only no horses, him and his friends are going bowling!

    I have a baby brother who was born with a hole in his heat the size of a dime and a heart murmur. He had 5 surgeries, 3 major/2 minor and would have eventually had open heart surgery. I wrote about it here:

    Happy birthday and God bless your sweet daughter!

    And God bless you, I feel a certain "connection" with other mamas who have gone through surgery with their's so hard...not looking forward to Tuesday.

  8. Happy Birthday and I hope you enjoyed your horse party!!


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