Sunday, March 10, 2013

A rockin' horse party!

It was AWESOME!!

Can you tell that the rain didn't dampen her party mood?

The light drizzle that sooner-than-later turned into a down pour?  Forgetaboutit!

Fun and friends were on the agenda.  (And we surely missed the other two neighbor friends who couldn't attend.)

And even David jumped on a horse, taking the place of one of the sick neighbor girls.  (Choosing to wear a helmet probably a little small for his bean :)

But David is a good sport!

There were 9 riders, including her dad.

Gosh, we wish we could have invited more friends, but have you heard of that dirty, little word...budget?

So she divvied things up between the girls from the "hood" and the girls from the home school group as best as she could.

Back in the barn...

I worked on setting up a little card table of goodies for our birthday girl and guests.

We had wanted something pretty for a 12 year old horse lover, and we sure had fun planning it, too!

Raspberry lemonade in (plastic) mason jars with antique daisy-cut lids.  Each of the guests were able to take one home.

Personalized water bottle labels and pretty scrapbook paper cones to hold popcorn.  

Mud-bottom cupcakes (I'll post the yummy recipe later on) in soft, feminine cupcake wrappers topped with horses that had on matching, pretty pink saddles.

And appropriate thank you gifts...hand sanitizers!

Back in the arena, the riders played four games over the course of one hour.  I was able to get some photos.

Lots of photos.

They're mainly for the the girls and their parents to see :)

And then there is this guy...

Totally hamming it up.  Not even sure if that horse was actually moving at a trot.  Ha! Ha!

Ummm...then there was this...

What can I say?

We don't get out that often!  Ha!  Ha!

Then it was their turn to ride backward...

And others waited patiently for their turn...

And they posed for the camera :)

They said it felt strange being in that position.  Not sure if I could have done it myself!

Eventually they headed back into the main barn to wash up and munch on snacks.

(That is Miss Ally, bottom center, the AMAZING instructor that has endless amounts of energy!!)

She had such a happy glow on her special day!

And I have to thank my oldest daughter who stayed off the horse to babysit her baby sister.  That was a huge help!

His job was to  keep an eye out for "hungry" stable dogs  and to get into as much mud as possible :)  

They're all in bed now as I type this, and I just KNOW that she is sleeping with a big smile on her face.  Happy trails, to you....

*  Little side note ::  our kids get a big party every FOUR years.  They have learned to truly appreciate these parties :)


~ Plastic Mason jars with cut out daisy lids were found here.

~ Ballerina pink paper straws found here.

~ Paper cones - original idea from my friend, Sarah, here.  I used her source and copied just one cone to use as a template.  We picked out our own scrapbook paper.

~ Personalized water bottle labels - found here.

~ Cupcake horse picks and cupcake wrappers, customized, here.  

~ Burlap runner ($3.99 per yard) at Hobby Lobby.  I saw the idea on Pinterest here.  My friend, Tiffany, suggested where to purchase it  here.  

~ 8 cup glass mason jar (flower vase) was purchased at Hobby Lobby.

~ Straw bales of hay were purchased at Michael's.

~  Patty  ~


  1. What a great birthday party! Super job Mom!
    Happy Birthday to your baby!

  2. What an incredible, unforgettable party! Wonderful! She just glowed.

  3. Truly rockin'!!! Your birthday girl is beaming. So glad her celebration went well. :)

  4. Awww what an incredible party! You are an awesome planner! I'm sure she absolutely loved every bit of it! Looking forward to that cupcake recipe! :)

  5. Patty...what an awesome day for your beautiful daughter! I love every last detail...When I was 10, my mom and dad planned a slumber party for me. It was The Muppets theme. I remember every wonderful moment of that party. And I believe that is what you and your hubby just created for your daughter. ..a wonderful memory she will keep forever! Good job, mom!

    Thanks for the links, friend. I have always wanted to use mason jars but was afraid of the glass. Problem solved! Oh and can't wait for the cupcake recipe!

  6. Super cute Patty! Your daughter looks filled with joy at her bday party! I can imagine that sitting backwards on a horse would be disorientating. I don't think I could do that myself. Love the pretty table setting. A Pretty in Pink Horse Party!

  7. What a beautiful party and birthday girl!! And great ideas!! Good job, Mom!

  8. The party looks awesome! You have a great husband, what a good sport ;) You outdid yourself again with all the party favors and decorations. Love it!

  9. What a fun, fun, day! You did a marvelous job with all of the pretty party stuff:) Happy, blessed, birthday to your beautiful horse-lovin sweetie!

  10. Thanks, ladies! Little Miss E and I really had fun putting it together. After discovering came together quite easily. There are so many talented people who sell great products on that website. They make party planning easy for women like myself. :)

  11. What a GREAT party! You did such a good job with everything, and she looks so happy! :)

  12. Patty, you so ROCK as a party planner! What a lovely post and a wonderful day for E. Thanks for sharing! She is such a beautiful girls and has such a pretty smile. Thank you Lord! (I remember that bike crash like yesterday.)


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