Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sweetheart Shakes

Have you ever tasted Cherry - flavored  7Up?    

To be honest, whenever I see 7Up, I think of my dad, the pharmacist, bringing it home to us when we had a nasty stomach bug. I never drink 7 Up these days.

At any rate...

A made these sweetheart shakes on St. Valentine's day, and the kids loved 'em!

We used Cherry-flavored 7Up with the vanilla ice cream.

I had to taste that Cherry - flavored 7Up myself, and it really was quite yummy :)

Thank you Pinterest.

~  Patty  ~


  1. Wow! I never tried this, Patty! How cute! I have never tried Cherry 7 up, but these look so good, I think we will give them a try!

    Cute about your dad and the 7 UP. It was Ginger Ale my mom brought to us on the green "I'm sick so I get to eat in bed" tray. And like you...I avoid Ginger Ale at all costs! : )Unless it is the rasberry or cranberry kind at Christmas. Now that is good!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. We always got chocolate shakes when we were sick :) These look great and my kids would love them! I "pinned" it!

  3. We always got 7 up when we were sick too...still do it here, in fact my hubby was sick this week, and we have 7 up and oj (he mixes them) in the fridge for him!

    I do like that cherry stuff!

    Another fun thing we make (in the summer) (but you live where it's warm so...) is Frozen strawberries and Diet 7-up, in the blender (add sweetener if you want but you don't need to) It's delicious and very healthy! (and bright red)


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