Sunday, February 3, 2013

Spray Paint and Perfume

~  I  want to say a BIG congratulations to all the winners of the Sheemazing Awards!  (Na, I didn't win, and that's okay! )  I'm definitely going to keep heading over there to read more new blogs.

~  I went out to buy spray paint and came home with perfume!

(Poppy Flowers by COACH)

Ah!  Before you think this is my way of life, think not!    Although, way back in BC (before children), you could find quite the display of gorgeous bottles on my vanity.

These days, however,  if  I look and linger over the perfume counter, (about once a year), the scenario will go something like this...

I sniff and smell and then no sooner do I pick up a bottle, but I hear myself  telling me  :: Patty, think about the two pairs of children's shoes you could buy with that money.  Really!  Get a grip!  (Or something along those lines.)  

Blast those priorities!

But once-in-a-blue-moon, mothers should be a priority.  Wouldn't you agree?

FYI - This is very soft and pretty, and grows even more so the longer you have it on.  Quite lovely.

~ Spray paint.  Yes.  I did purchase some as well for  two painting projects.  I'll post those this week.

~  Lastly,  Monica, at The Catholic Bloggers Network, is setting up a Meet & Greet and all Catholic bloggers are welcome to sign up!  Please feel welcome to stop on by, read the qualification rules, and join the gang!

Have a blessed Sunday!

~  Patty  ~


  1. Oh Patty...yes, yes, yes, every once in a while we do need to make our "mama selves" a priority! I like to think of it as teaching my children to love themselves as much as God does! Still...when one can buy 2 pairs of shoes for 1 bottle of perfume...does make it hard to justify!

    And I giggled so hard after I read your comment. I had to go look at the pic...YUP, Punxsutawney and Ben do have the same smile! LOL

    Happy Sunday,

    I'm off to check out the Meet and Greet!

  2. I agree, Patty...A mom who cares for everyone else needs to care for herself once in sweet mother told me that years ago. It is a beautiful bottle! Makes me happy just looking at it! Have a wonderful Sunday. It is snowing beautifully here...


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