Friday, February 8, 2013

Just Sharing With You...

...the books & other media we will be using during this Lenten season.

(My Path to Heaven is for the older girls.)

(The Day of the Cross for Children is a lovely DVD on the stations and The Sorrowful Mysteries is the meditation of those mysteries of the rosary on CD.)

And I am waiting for the next two books to arrive in the mail any day now ...

How are your plans coming along?

We also plan on creating a version of these great Stations of the Cross candles this weekend!  I'll post ours when we finish them!  

Have a blessed weekend!

~  Patty  ~


  1. Thanks so much for sharing, Patty...I am very interested in the Way of the Cross for Children and the Sorrowful Mysteries C D...Going to check on those. And that book...The Giving Tree...what can I say? My patents read that to us, and now I read it to my littles. I can hardly get through it without crying...Thanks again, friend!

  2. You are so "on the ball"!! My kids always love that Fr Lovasic Children's way of the Cross book. I have a couple so they can all follow along with it. The little always say "Oh, poor Jesus" I'm getting excited for lent...but I'm not ready at all.

  3. We have many of the same ones you do....and I just bought the stations coloring book today!!!! (I was picking up "my sisters the saints"...have you read that yet???!!!). Getting ready for Lent too...but first valentines day! Our school moved up the class parties as we didn't think it would b appropriate to party during Lent.

  4. I need to add, the past two years I have NOT had the best lent. The fourth miscarriage two years ago and then just having Clementine last year...yeah. I'm definitely revving up my spiritual engines for this year though. Best. Lent. Ever. (I hope :)

  5. Yes, as Jamie Jo said, you are on the ball ! we have some of the books you posted about -- thanks for sharing. I'll now pull those out. Lent is so hard to prepare for. ;)

  6. Thanks for the reminder to get my books out! We have many of the same ones but don't always get to every one of them..It's fun to discover something we haven't read in awhile, depending on the ages of the children. Enjoy!


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