Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Homemade Valentine Love

Wishing you all a happy St. Valentine's day!!

I'm putting this up early since we will have a day filled with schooling and then our home school St. Valentine's party to follow.

This is what we made for the home school party ::

Sam's Club had cases (30 pieces) of mini cereal boxes on sale for $6.99.  I bought two cases for $13 and change.  

Party City spoons.  48 in a package @ $6 a package.

Old ribbon from the art bin.  

Michael's craft store had the tags.  1 package (20 pieces) for $2.99.  I bought three packages.

Under $30 for 50 homemade valentines.  Not bad at all!  (It was a group effort...they all took turns coloring, tying, and placing the spoons.)

 I made these for my own kids ::

  A fun way to put some extra love into their lives :)

Both ideas are from Pinterest.

Happy St. Valentine's Day to you and your family!

~  Patty  ~


  1. Happy St. Valentine's. These are adorable and so clever!

  2. Oh, I love these! I saw them too late. Some year I'm going to do something special for my own kiddos. We have a party (almost) every year and my kiddos get what everyone at the party gets--I always get the boxes of candy at Sam's Club for each child...they do a treasure hunt til they find them all.

    We did make some cute pencil attached Mad Lib Valentines though this year! The Squeeze and hug, I have to do that one next year!

    Happy St Valentine's day!

  3. I just pinned this so I'll remember for next year!

  4. Oh...Patty I love them both! You always have the best ideas to share. Have a wondeful day of love with your sweet family! : )

  5. I just woke up my son to start our day and he said, "But it's Valentine's Day...why do we have to do school?!"'s going to be one of those days!

    Very cute ideas!

  6. How clever! Very cute.
    I'm sitting here this morning trying to be creative and come up wiht something love-y for supper. Hmm..

  7. Hope your schooling day is going well and that the party is a lot of fun! I know I would love to get that box of cereal Valentine! Very cute! Happy Valentine's Day, Patty!


  8. Happy St. Valentine's Day!!! Big hugs from the Dunlap's!

  9. Love it Patty! I'm sure they were a hit for your children and our party!
    St. Valentine, pray for us!


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