Sunday, January 27, 2013

Turning ONE Is "snow" Much Fun!

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This little, JOY-filled bundle of sweetness has brought nothing less than pure happiness and love to our family!

We celebrated Little Miss with a few neighbors who helped us out TREMENDOUSLY when she was born, with her awesome godfather and his family, (her godmother is an aunt who lives way up in Illinois), and our two, very special priest friends from church. 


We feasted on ::

Chili Bar~

*Chili  (Made it earlier in the week and froze it till the party - e.a.s.y.)
*Hot dogs
*All the toppings
*Vegetables & dip

Dessert Bar~ (Pictured in the slide show)

*Penguin Cake - Sweet Art Bakery (Top tier--Chocolate with caramel cream filling, Bottom tier--French Vanilla with cookies & cream, Smash Cake--French Vanilla with buttercream icing.)

*Icicles (rock candy suckers) - Amazon

*Invitations and accessories -
*Hat & Mitten cookie cut outs - Amazon.  (I baked and frosted them myself.)


*Penguin diaper cover - The Dizzy Dragonfly  (I ordered through their FB page.)

Note:  I must give credit (for most of these ideas) to Pinterest!!!


Today we bask in the "day after" glow of warm & wonderful memories celebrating Little Miss turning ONE with left over birthday cake!

~  Patty  ~


  1. Awwwww... she is super sweet! Love your digital slideshow! I've never seen this before and so enjoyed viewing your sweet baby's first birthday! I'm very impressed with your cookie decorating too :) And were my eyes correct? Your priest was playing wii games with your children? That would be one hip priest!

  2. She is adorable! :) Happy Birthday to your little cutie! This year FLEW is she 1 already?!!

  3. Ohhh Patty! I love it! All of it! Thank you for the slideshow...I thought about you on Saturday...such a beautiful baby and so sweet! Have a great week...You did it!

  4. Awww I love the slideshow! Beautiful pictures of what looked liked an amazing party! I am really impressed by the theme and decorations, and I especially love the desserts and the picture wall. SO creative! :)

  5. Thank you, ladies! It was SO MUCH fun to plan! First birthdays are special in our house. So much fun to celebrate little ones :)

  6. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this with us! It looks like she had such a good day! :)

  7. *tears* Oh my gosh, Patty, well done!! What a very special and awesome birthday for your Clementine. I am beyond impressed. I was starting to think that the cute ideas (pinterest inspired) I had for the girls' snowflake/heart themed bday were coming together nicely, but you've got me beat by a long shot!! Very, very cute.
    Love, love your special JOY and cannot believe our baby buddies are turning ONE! We've come a long way, Due Date Buddy :)

    1. Oh Sarah! Was just thinking of you today and little G turning one next week. We certainly have come a long way. We did "ONE" big this time around. Always have had a big "ONE" party, but this one was so different. Ever since I was able to carry our sweetie pie full term, especially after the last horrible miscarriage, my heart still bursts with joy beyond belief that she is in our lives today. The Friday before her birthday, I was in Adoration recalling every single detail of her birth, thanking God for the gift He sent. I sat there all teary eyed! I get so emotional over it :) Trust me, after ONE, they go down hill in our house LOL! The love you have for your Irish twins...oh my! They will have such a beautiful, beautiful day celebrating with their sweet family even if you did nothing but eat a bowl of cereal! Love & hugs!

  8. What a special and One-derful celebration! Loved that slide show idea and the great facial expressions that went with the cake:) What LOVE in all of the thought and details. So special to have priest-friends in attendance too!

  9. Oh!!! That slideshow is precious! What a beautiful day. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.


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