Sunday, January 13, 2013

First Birthday Plans

I've been in birthday party planning mode.

So excited!

Celebrating the milestones of our little Miss Clementine :)

Bittersweet, too.  She's turning one.  When did that happen??!!

I've been slowly packing away goobered-on, baby toys (that aren't goobered on any more) and  baby blankets that are not needed to keep a little toosh comfy any longer.  That makes me sad.

When our first kiddos were wee little ones, I could hardly wait for them to get into the next stage.  I must confess, for selfish reasons, I found myself pushing them a little too quickly.

With this child?  Much different enjoyment process.

When I turned 40 the light bulb went on when  mother wisdom came knocking on the door and woke me up.  

I decided to really start enjoying the moments of life.  They are so precious and pass too quickly, and when you turn 40, you realize that maybe, just maybe, half your life is over.

With age comes experience and wisdom.  Not that I claim to have reached the mother load in that department, but I know a heck of a lot more now than I did in my early 30's.  (And I'm speaking on my personal experience only.)

In my 30's,  I could hardly wait till tomorrow.  In my 40's, I'd give anything to have the yesterdays back.

Right when we thought our fertile years would end with two more lost babies,  Bam!  God gave us this tremendous gift of joy in the form of Miss Clementine:)

A gift so incredible, our hearts feel as though they could just burst whenever we lay eyes on her.  A second chance to experience raising a little one all over again.

(Hello peeps!)

And it has been almost one year.  Yowzer!

(Sigh...)  Yes, we totally smother her with kisses!

I thought being a child with a birthday in January would be not so grand until I came across a Winter ONEderland theme last fall (plastered all over Pinterest.)

I found these invites on Etsy, via Pinterest...

(I'm showing her name on the invite...just this one time ;)

Aren't they ridiculously cute?!

We have no family in Texas so we are only entertaining her godfather (and his family) as well as a neighbor.  A warm and cozy gathering in her igloo :)

Praising God for the joy He has given our family and looking forward to the joy of her turning one!

~  Patty  ~


  1. prayers for blessed birthday and year for your precious Miss Clementine!

    the invitations are darling!

  2. How is that are girls are growing up? Remember us a year ago, Due Date Buddies??!! Crazy.
    It looks like you will have a wobderful 1st bday party to celebrate Miss Clementine. She most definitely is a precious treasure.
    I am finalizing bday plans here too. A double bday party for Margaret and Gianna. 1 and 2(!!!!) already. We are doing snowflakes/hearts for their party since it is in the beginning of February. I'm sure I'll be posting :)

    1. Excuse the typos. Trying to type on handed while feeding Miss M her snack. lol.

    2. LOL Sarah! I always find errors in my posts after the fact. It is called motherhood, right? You have double the fun with your party planning and it sounds darn right adorable!!

  3. Oh, Patty! I know exactly what you are feeling! Our lives are so very similar...We too welcomed our fourth blessing when I was 40. Thank God for doing things on His time! We are all loving on her, just as you are with your little one...

    I agree with you about life after 40...I have the same exact feelings, along with a new found sense of confidence... I now have the ability to not worry about what others think. My family is the most important thing, and we live our lives as such.

    I love the sweet invitations. Sweet as a button, just like your little sweetie! I know just how much fun you all are having planning her special day.

    I share your joy, Patty, as you celebrate your sweet baby turning 1!!! : )

    1. Billie Jo - I'm almost 44!!! LOL I was actually thinking of you today when I was changing her crib sheet. I know you have the same exact sentiments about baby cribs that I have :)

  4. The invites are adorable, and so is Miss Clementine. I can't believe she is one already, seems like just yesterday "we" were anxiously awaiting her arrival. Have a wonderful time celebrating your little blessing!

  5. Happy, happy birthday, dear sweet Clementine!! It does just seem like yesterday we were waiting for her arrival. I do know how you feel about having a baby in your forties. I had Quentin when I was 43!

    1. It really is a blessing to have these little ones when you think it probably won't happen again :) I was just shy of 43 when she was born. I had a sister-in-law who was 49!!! David panicked a little when that happened. LOL

  6. My older kids often accuse me of being soft on my boys- I probably am by comparison, but I do have so much more perspective now as well. I don't sweat the small stuff as much.

    Happy birthday to your sweet Clementine!! I have enjoyed watching her grow over this last year- and watching the joy on your other children's faces as they love on her as well. What a year!

  7. She is so, so precious, and I can't believe she is already one! I have loved all of the pictures of her throughout the past months. It is so evident how much of a blessing she is to your family. Enjoy the party! :)

  8. I can't believe she's about to turn 1!!! Looking back, I wish I had enjoyed the boys more. I definitely had more patience with YS than I did with the others.
    Every time I see her picture, it makes me smile! What a precious gift from God!

  9. indeed you are so blessed Patty. there are tons of moommas out here wishing we could have one more, or two more !! the invite is so cute. love the reference to her igloo!! like you all ((texans)) actually know what winter's like ! ha. ;)

    My Flower's bday is in January and I'm in party planning mode too. so far, just brainstorming, but it'll be fun no matter what. As will your party for your little Miss One year old!

    1. I forgot LF's birthday is in January, too! How exciting! Hope she has fully recuperated and is healthy on her special day :)

  10. Patty, What a heart felt post! I'm not in my 40s yet, but after a long fight to keep my fertility and then having my fertility ripped away from me at 34 I look at my 18 month old and I just want to cry. Each day is filled with joy and pain. And I was a wreck when I packed up my little guys toys and blankets! It was a year last Sunday that I had my hysterectomy, and it's only gotten more painful. Keep giving her kisses! And I'll be smothering my kids with kisses, too! Blessings to your little cutie and your whole family! Have a great party!!

    1. Oh Jennifer. I'm so sorry for your loss. That is a heavy cross that you are carrying. Sending you a BIG hug! Know that you inspire so many others with your life and how you share so much of your faith with us all.

  11. What a beautiful reflection and witness to LIFE. Look forward to seeing your plans unfold. We celebrate right with you, here in bloggy world! How perfectly perfect that you will be celebrating her birthday during the Walk For Life Weekend across the nation:):)

  12. I just love that invite! So adorable. Small and sweet is the perfect size for a birthday party, can't wait to see the photos from the celebration!


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