Thursday, January 31, 2013


WHY   is it that someone cannot figure out that the alligator just wants to eat the bigger number of the two??!!

And  WHY  do moments like this happen when PMS at its worst... in a couple of years??!!

And WHY does the birthday cake fly out of the house so dang fast??  Especially when it is most needed on days like today...with a cup of Joe!


Thank God tomorrow is Friday!

~  Patty  ~

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sheenazing Award!

Gosh!  A sweet visitor stopped by my blog yesterday to inform me that I had been nominated for a blog award under these categories ::

Best Mommy Blog

~ Food, diapers, beer, Sacraments, sex (my husband just asked if I actually blogged about sex!  I don't recall!  LOL)   - she covers it all while the kids are napping.~

Best Under appreciated Blog

~ Best kept secret on the internet.  These blogs have 100 or less followers for some crazy unknown reason.
(Yeah, so I'm all about QUALITY and not QUANTITY. )

Wow!  So whoever nominated Reason for Chocolate in this category, a great, big, Thank You!      How very sweet of you.

Stop on over at the Sheenazing if you so desire to vote or just want to browse!  This award show is hosted by Bonnie at A Knotted Life.  Thank you, Bonnie!

Voting ends Thursday at 6pm Central Time.

~  Patty  ~

Goggle Eyes

He said that they keep the soap and water out of his eyes :)

~  Patty  ~

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Prayers for My Brother

UPDATE #2::  Mike is home!  Yeah!  He was given a special medication with IV therapy and his heart reacted well to it.  His doctor wants him back in three months for more testing.  This will give the heart time to see if it can handle the "workload" with that medication.  He is grateful for all your prayers, and continues to need them :)


UPDATE::  Mike is doing well.  They were able to do a less invasive procedure than expected.  He will remain hospitalized for the next two days.  After more testing, we hope to have a clearer picture of the waiting time till he can receive his new valve.  I'll keep you updated.


I am asking that you keep my brother, Mike, in your prayers over the next 48 hours.

Mike has been waiting for a heart valve replacement (his whole life - he is 33 years old).  He was born with Tetralogy of Fallot, a severe congenital heart defect that includes four heart defects at birth.    His brief story is here.

The last of the defects is the valve replacement.  The valve itself is not "broke" enough to go in and replace it.  If the surgeons go in too soon, the same issues will arise with the new valve.  The negative side is that Mike has basically been in congestive heart failure his entire life.

Last week there was a hiccup in the waiting game.  A serious one.

He is going in for 48 hours today for treatment and testing.

He remains matter of fact and optimistic.  He never allows self-pity to enter the picture.  He has adapted to and dealt with his condition better than most people deal with everyday stress in their lives.  Mike is and always will be the "heartbeat" of the family with his contagious humor and love of his nieces and nephews.  Uncle Mike is by far the favorite uncle in the family!

I'll keep you all updated.

Thanks SO much for the prayer!!

~  Patty  ~

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Turning ONE Is "snow" Much Fun!

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This little, JOY-filled bundle of sweetness has brought nothing less than pure happiness and love to our family!

We celebrated Little Miss with a few neighbors who helped us out TREMENDOUSLY when she was born, with her awesome godfather and his family, (her godmother is an aunt who lives way up in Illinois), and our two, very special priest friends from church. 


We feasted on ::

Chili Bar~

*Chili  (Made it earlier in the week and froze it till the party - e.a.s.y.)
*Hot dogs
*All the toppings
*Vegetables & dip

Dessert Bar~ (Pictured in the slide show)

*Penguin Cake - Sweet Art Bakery (Top tier--Chocolate with caramel cream filling, Bottom tier--French Vanilla with cookies & cream, Smash Cake--French Vanilla with buttercream icing.)

*Icicles (rock candy suckers) - Amazon

*Invitations and accessories -
*Hat & Mitten cookie cut outs - Amazon.  (I baked and frosted them myself.)


*Penguin diaper cover - The Dizzy Dragonfly  (I ordered through their FB page.)

Note:  I must give credit (for most of these ideas) to Pinterest!!!


Today we bask in the "day after" glow of warm & wonderful memories celebrating Little Miss turning ONE with left over birthday cake!

~  Patty  ~

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Her First Birthday Photos

I took these photos today to keep her BIG day (next weekend) less hectic.  David was a HUGE help keeping her happy during picture time.  (I could not have done it without him!)

Here they all are...

The hair do?  Ugh.  She refuses to keep her bows in any longer :)  It's kind of her trade mark though, isn't it?!

Bloomers by The Dizzy Dragonfly   (but I ordered through Facebook.)

Dress by Gymboree (I ordered it last fall when it first came out.  I believe it is now sold out online.)

~  Patty  ~

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Winter Stillness

We've slipped comfortably into our school routine, and life is moving at a very slow, snail's pace.  And that's okay. Delicious, warm soups fill our bellies, and warm, snugly sheets welcome us at bedtime as we end each winter day.

We woke to some snow the other morning.  Someone found it very interesting to watch.

It did not last long, and our school district actually canceled school because of the 1" mother load.  LOL!

My kids asked why they do not get snow days.  I gently reminded them that they never have school on their birthdays.    (Ummm...the chance of having a snow day from school is rather slim down here :)

Hope you are all staying warm and snugly!

~  Patty  ~

Sunday, January 13, 2013

First Birthday Plans

I've been in birthday party planning mode.

So excited!

Celebrating the milestones of our little Miss Clementine :)

Bittersweet, too.  She's turning one.  When did that happen??!!

I've been slowly packing away goobered-on, baby toys (that aren't goobered on any more) and  baby blankets that are not needed to keep a little toosh comfy any longer.  That makes me sad.

When our first kiddos were wee little ones, I could hardly wait for them to get into the next stage.  I must confess, for selfish reasons, I found myself pushing them a little too quickly.

With this child?  Much different enjoyment process.

When I turned 40 the light bulb went on when  mother wisdom came knocking on the door and woke me up.  

I decided to really start enjoying the moments of life.  They are so precious and pass too quickly, and when you turn 40, you realize that maybe, just maybe, half your life is over.

With age comes experience and wisdom.  Not that I claim to have reached the mother load in that department, but I know a heck of a lot more now than I did in my early 30's.  (And I'm speaking on my personal experience only.)

In my 30's,  I could hardly wait till tomorrow.  In my 40's, I'd give anything to have the yesterdays back.

Right when we thought our fertile years would end with two more lost babies,  Bam!  God gave us this tremendous gift of joy in the form of Miss Clementine:)

A gift so incredible, our hearts feel as though they could just burst whenever we lay eyes on her.  A second chance to experience raising a little one all over again.

(Hello peeps!)

And it has been almost one year.  Yowzer!

(Sigh...)  Yes, we totally smother her with kisses!

I thought being a child with a birthday in January would be not so grand until I came across a Winter ONEderland theme last fall (plastered all over Pinterest.)

I found these invites on Etsy, via Pinterest...

(I'm showing her name on the invite...just this one time ;)

Aren't they ridiculously cute?!

We have no family in Texas so we are only entertaining her godfather (and his family) as well as a neighbor.  A warm and cozy gathering in her igloo :)

Praising God for the joy He has given our family and looking forward to the joy of her turning one!

~  Patty  ~

Saturday, January 12, 2013

That Little Devil

I recognized him immediately in the form of self-pity and laziness.  It's funny how he can show up, isn't it?

He had tried to convince me that I could not handle visiting the Blessed Sacrament, Our Lord, once a week. I mean home school was starting again and I would just be way too busy.

I had loved the new Adoration hours that had been set up for the Advent and Christmas season.  Hopped right on board.  I had the perfect day, (Friday), and the perfect time (11 - noon).

It was amazing to sit with Our Lord, especially during such a holy season.  It was the spiritual anchor I needed!

On top of that, I had been desiring a day of Adoration for our parish, which in the past, only came one night a week for one hour.  I found that sad.

Of course, I jumped on the opportunity when the opportunity arose.  I would come out thinking how nice it would be if the parish would continue this throughout the year.  And then they did!

I was delighted to hear that they had decided to continue keeping Friday as a full day of Adoration.  Prayers answered.

That's when he messed with my head.

I found myself doubting that I could "give up" any more of my time.  The excuses started to pour into my brain...I was going to be busy enough with home schooling....the sports routine....working with the baby....overloading my schedule.  I even told the woman in charge that I probably won't be able to continue, and that I would phone her.

Seriously, it didn't take me long to realize who was messing with my head.  I never did phone the woman.  I just kept attending.

The older girls take turns attending with me.  They rotate so someone is at home babysitting.  (Yes, my ringer is off but I keep my phone in sight so they can text me in case of baby question or emergency only.)

Little man and Miss Clementine....I don't bother yet.  Selfish as it may sound, I need the time to spiritually refill.  Honestly, at the stage that they are in, discouragement on my behalf would be the only outcome if I attempted to bring them.  Some day though.

So now I come out of the Holy Hour asking myself...hmmm....what is that little devil going to do now to try and trip me up?  He never ceases.  And don't you find that the more you pray, the more he works so devilishly hard to make you fall?

Praise God! for the spiritual gifts of the Holy Spirit!!

~  Patty  ~

Monday, January 7, 2013

Painted Snowflakes and Snowy Books

School started today.

And it went well.

When Stan was asked what his favorite part about school was he replied, "Before it was invented!"   (Sigh...)

We created some snowy fun over the weekend.

Materials needed:

1.  Various shades of blue paint.
2.  Paint brushes.
3. Masking tape.
4.  Canvas.  (We used 8x10's.  A 2 pack cost around $3.49 at Hobby Lobby.)

First, use the tape to create a snowflake design.  Smooth the edges down real good or the paint may bleed.

Next, paint your canvas.

Don't forget to paint the sides!

Then you have to let it dry completely.  This takes a few hours, especially if your little one likes to use a LOT of paint :)

They'll kind of look like this...

Once it is completely dried, you can start peeling the tape off.  Don't be afraid to use your nail to get a piece started.

The finished product...

I think they turned out pretty cute!

I found these on Pinterest.  The original post suggested you could outline the inside of each snowflake with a marker to make them stand out.  My kids liked them the way they were.

These make a cute addition to our bulletin board!


And speaking of snowflakes.

One of my FAVORITE winter themed books is called Owl Moon, by Jane Yolen.

I've had this book for years and years.  We never tire of this descriptive and captivating story about a father and daughter who go owling.

Here is a sample::

"Our feet crunched over the crisp snow and little gray footprints followed us.  Pa made a long shadow, but mine was short and round.  I had to run after him every now and then to keep up, and my short, round shadow bumped after me.

But I never called out.  If you go owling you have to be quiet, that's what Pa always says.  I had been waiting to go owling with Pa for a long, long time."

And one of Stan's favorites...

Because even though he likes to think he is a big boy, he still likes cute, fun, and silly books.  And that's okay with me!

~  Patty  ~

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Preparing for the Kings' Arrival

Earlier in December, I came across this cookie plate on a shelf in Hobby Lobby.

(Please keep the owners of Hobby Lobby in your prayers as they fight for their religious freedom in a lawsuit AGAINST Obamacare.)

I knew it would be perfect for the Feast of the Epiphany!

We have some new books for the feast day as well.

We have checked out The Last Straw from the library in the past, but this year we own a copy.

We have never read The Visit of the Wise Men before.  Looking forward to this one as well!

An insight on the Church's teaching of the Epiphany can be found on  EWTN.

May you all have a wonderful weekend and a blessed Sunday enjoying the Feast of the Epiphany!

~ Patty  ~

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Super Cool Idea

And right when you thought I was done with the Pinterest Christmas ideas!  Ha!

You know all of those adorable Christmas photo cards you receive in the mail?

Well,  (long inhale...I'm really excited about this one...exhale),  if any of those friends or family members are in your phone as contacts, take a picture of the Christmas card (either the individual or the group shot), and load it into your camera as the phone contact i.d.!

Waa Laa.  Instant updated photo, especially for those who have loved ones across the miles.

Isn't that the cat's meow!

~  Patty  ~

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 Family Patron Saint

Our family has a new patron saint for 2013.

Saint Bridget of Sweden

I stopped in at  Truth & Charity, and  randomly selected our family saint.  As Mr. Murphy explains this tradition...

"I’ve been told of a New Year’s tradition that is popular in monasteries and convents.  Every year, the monks and nuns get together and draw the names of saints from a hat.  These become their patrons of the year, about whom they will learn and for whose intercession they will pray."

St. Bridget, please pray for us!

~  Patty  ~


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