Sunday, December 16, 2012

Tippy Toes

Clementine.  She loves to push empty clothes baskets.

But we need to stay close to her since she picks up speed and  loses control on the wood and tile floors.

Oh, and she is a toe walker.  I've never had a toe walker before.

And this is what happens when we take the basket away ~

So we decided to let Clementine open up an early Christmas gift.  While Daddy put it together,  I got her ready for a bath and pj's.

But she grew distracted and wanted to push her walker instead.

(She sure knows how to strut her gut, doesn't she?!)

Finally in pj's, she was able to play with her new toy ~

A new doll stroller - walker. :)

She seems happy to be pushing it.

The other night I opened the dishwasher and turned to grab a dish.  When I turned back, someone decided she was going to help ~

She is standing ON the dishwasher door that is opened.  She really wanted that dirty, red cup!

This child has brought so! much! joy! to our house.  I still find myself in a surreal state of mind every now and then as I cuddle, bath, or clothe this precious infant.

And her siblings?  Simply put, they are madly in love with her :)

Advent Blessings ~



  1. How could you not be in love with that sweetness??

  2. Cupcake is also a toe walker! I've noticed that she doesn't walk on her toes as much when we make her wear her new shoes. She was also fascinated with the laundry basket when she first started walking so Sean got her a little shopping cart to push for her birthday. She loves it and is also getting a dolly stroller for Christmas! Shhhhhh! Don't tell! The picture on the dishwasher is hysterical! That would totally be Cupcake!

  3. You must be praising God all the time !! She is delightful. those toes are irresistible!! I'd be kissing them constantly ! and she has the most adorable face ((looks like you, friend)!! She looks tiny enough to sit in that doll stroller herself! my husband and I find ourselves remarking alot at how much joy our daughter has brought into our lives. children are truly a gift from God!

  4. I love Miss Clementine's sweetness. The expressions, oh girl you crack me up! I love the pleased look on her face with the doll stroller. Precious.
    My Jonah still occasionally walks on his toes :) About a year or so ago he started doing it all.the.time. and I had to start pointing it out to get him to tame it a bit. He always has, but really did at that time. Now he rarely does. But guess who decided to start? Gianna. My newest toe walker I think likes feeling taller or more like the 'big kids' when she does. lol.

    Happy Gaudate Sunday!

  5. this! She is so sweet! There are few things in life as wonderful as a freshly bathed and jammied baby! Flynn has the same walker/stroller and at 3 still loves it! Enjoy that blessing for your whole family! : )

  6. Oh, Patty, she is so sweet!!!! How could someone not love such a cutie like her!! They grow-up too fast! My 18 month old is talking in complete sentences! I'm just shocked at the the things he says!! Kids are so much fun! Blessing to you all!

  7. Thanks, ladies! With age on this one comes wisdom for myself(finally!) I am not rushing her out of any stage into the next for I know how quickly time is passing. We enjoy every moment we can...even those difficult teething nights :)

  8. Love the toe walking, those chunky little feet!! She looks very happy with her new Christmas present :)

  9. Oh Clementine, she is just the cutest little girl!! It's a little ridiculous how cute she is! - I love that picture of her with the bunny in her stroller! :)

  10. Look at those little piggy toes! I just want to grab her and hug her!


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