Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Hair Color # and Name

Gosh!  First, thanks for the kind comments!

 I told my husband what many of you thought of his abilities and he grinned quite proudly :)

Because you inquired through comments, texts, or emails...

I went to Sally's Beauty Supply (a first for me) and asked the gals there to match me up.

Next, they lead me down to the "maturing" hair isle.  I purchased these ::

I spent I believe $14 on these two items as well as a brush and dish (both reusable).  I used all of the red boxed item (2 oz) and half of the 20 Volume (it was 4 oz).  1:1 ratio.  Husband painted.  And then I sat for 35 minutes.  It was a smidge darker than what I naturally am, but after a couple of washes it toned down and now is quite natural looking.

My thoughts on the product::

It's been almost one week - about 5 washes.  No grey hairs re-appearing so far.

Note: I had my niece colored my hair last May with a drug store brand (can't remember which one but it was a popular name) and the grays appeared one day later.  I was so disappointed.  (My niece colored according to the directions.)

The box on this brand said it should last up to six weeks.  I'll let you know.

Advent blessings~



  1. Your hair looks great! And I would totally ask Todd to help me out, if I ever decide to start coloring. I am reluctant to begin, because it's just one more thing to try and keep on top of.

    1. I know what you mean! To be honest, I'd rather have my hubs do this for me once every six weeks then myself having to pluck my darn eyebrows every single week. That is one job I do not like to keep up with. LOL Do you have grey hair yet? Mine started coming in during my mid 30's, but at the age of 43, it has become more obvious. If my hair wasn't so dark already and made the grey stand out...I would have waited. I didn't want to look frumpy anymore. It's actually a nice pick me up...kind of like painting your piggies :)

  2. THanks for posting the color Patty!! Inquiring minds wanted to know ;) I'm bummed though that we don't have a Sally Beauty store near us. I know there used to be one an hour away, but I'll have to check if it is still there.
    I've had my ups and downs with the drugstore brands. Either the color gets WAY too dark, despite going with a lighter shade than my real color, or like yours had done it reveals grays in a matter of days. I've even done the longer coloring time for 'resistant grays', but still doesn't hold.
    Hubs is kind enough to do it and it doesn't bother him, but he keeps encouraging me to just try the salon once despite the price. The problem with that is actually taking the time to go in and get it done, the cost and the fear that it will be so much better and I will actually like it better than the at-home. I don't want to get addicted to salon coloring at salon prices. lol.

    I agree with your above comment though, it's a little pick-me-up and freshens my look a bit when things start to get drab.

    1. Oh, I understand. I feel spoiled having all the shopping at our fingertips. You've reminded me of how appreciative I should be. Salons are so pricey and just getting there...that is a task in itself, isn't it? Just for the record, your hair always looks very natural and beautiful :)


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