Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sugar & Cinnamon

Our snack on the feast of St. Juan Diego ::

Found these at Target in the holiday food section.  (Had them last year and we really enjoyed them!)

ME:: Stan, do you remember whose feast day it is today?

Stan::  Yup.  San Diego's!

A taco dinner and a viewing of Juan Diego, Messenger of Guadalupe to celebrate his feast day ::

Keeping things simple around here since we have been battling some horrible, horrible respiratory virus for the past three months.  Some of the kids have been hit with round 2 & 3 of this thing.  It hit me hard as soon as we came back from our week up in Illinois.

I've run out of patience - completely.  I'm sick of my household being sick!  Praying that the tail end of it is finally here.  (Sorry for the vent.)

The best thing I did was to cancel or decline RSVP's to all Advent & Christmas homeschool celebrations for the entire month of December (except for one or two that I had already promised the kids.)

Enjoying the quiet now of this beautiful Advent season.

P.S.  For those who wanted to know... I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Advent and Christmas with Fulton Sheen!  Highly recommend this one in the series :)

Advent blessings~



  1. I'm so sorry! That sounds like what we had for all of October and November. It's horrible. Prayers for sure!

    1. Thanks, Charlotte. I was thinking of your illnesses during this time. The allergies have been making things worse. We need a cold winter! :)

  2. Patty...first off, prayers for health to your household. Please don't apologize for the vent! This is the place to get it off your chest...I know how you feel...can't wait to be done and throw open those windows and douse everything in Lysol, right? And replace the toothbrushes too? I know what you mean about needing the cold. Our allergies have been bothering us as well. It was 60 degrees here in kids want snow! My mom always says we need cold to kill all the germs and pollen!

    Good call on bowing out of the extra activities...sometimes it just gets too much. The season passes soo quickly anyway, it is nice to snuggle up with family! Hoping you are well soon, friend!

  3. Trying to get caught up! Your decorations (from the last post) are really cute. Hope everyone gets well, soon. One of my schools is reeling from flu, stomach bug, AND strep. I walked into a first grade classroom on Thursday, and half of the class was out. Crazy.

    1. LOL! Mary, I was just getting caught up as well. Our pediatrician said she has already seen the flu. Yikes. We can do without that! (As well as the stomach bug!)

  4. Happy San Diego feast day to you all !! ;) love it.

  5. Hope you guys are all feeling better soon! We had one winter where the kids were constantly sick and it was crazy! Good call on canceling stuff and taking things slow :)

  6. I have missed a bunch of posts! I am so sorry you guys have been sick. Prayers that you feel better!


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