Monday, December 10, 2012

I Was SO Desperate!

I wanted my gray hairs covered for some time.  Heck, since last summer I was shooting for Thanksgiving!

Never happend.

What was I thinking?  I mean, five months was not enough time, obviously.

So when I was sick and feeling gross last week, I grew desperate enough that I asked my husband to do it.  (Gasp!)

Now, I'm not quite sure what that says about either of us (insert laugh out loud), but we definitely had a new bonding experience!

Picture ::

Kids in bed.  I'm sitting at the kitchen table with my hot tea and honey.  Hubs has rubber gloves on painting my hair.  We are both watching the movie Bernie (which I recommend for you adults out there) on his laptop.

I happen to think he did a pretty darn good job ~

He brought out my beauty and I brought out his...ahhh...creative side  (Insert snapping Z).

Advent blessings ~



  1. Wow! It looks awesome! He did great!

  2. I love this!! AWESOME hubby you got there. How fun. I feel your pain on the grey. I'm just not ready yet.

  3. looks wonderful! Good for you! And that is a loving husband right there...good catch! : )

  4. He did awesome!!! I love the color!! Puh-leeze tell me brand and color and keep us updated if it holds. Why? Well, because the scene you played out is similar to the one that currently goes on in our house :) My hubby has been my color artist for a few years now. The sad part is that I cannot go as long as you did before a color. We are talking three weeks :( Did I say I'm still in my lower 30's??!! Now with the little girls though finding time to color is so difficult. Evenings they are tired and needy and then by time they are in bed and big kids, I'm tired. Our last round was done at six AM with my coffee in hand. lol. Yup, that's how we roll.

    Any way, bad part is that I cannot seem to get the exact right color or one that holds well. I thought I had found one (the one I have right now) and the color is ideal and turns out like the box. The hold just does not last. ugh. Can't afford that salon price right now though.

    Seriously, let me know the color and brand. And, tell David he is in good company with other wonderful husband's who color their wives' hair :) Good men.

  5. He did GREAT! I'm afraid to do it myself, but my gray is really starting to come through!

  6. Hubs did a truly beautiful job, and I would never trust my husband to do the same. ;)

  7. It looks beautiful! I'm impressed that your husband did that!!

  8. Hi Patty...dropping back in to tell you I am having your slow cooker pepper steak for dinner! I just started it in the crockpot. It is a family favorite here! And you know how much I love having dinner cooking away all thanks for sharing! : )

  9. Very pretty Patty! Your hubby has a new career choice if he ever so desired :)

  10. Looks great! I'm starting to go grey. I've colored my hair once to cover themup, but can see this will be something I'll have to do often. Considering going grey instead. ??

  11. Now, that's trust! It looks absolutely great!! ;-)

  12. I think it looks great! He did a fabulous job :) Gotta love a guy whose so willing to get in touch with his "creative" side! My hubby would do the same.


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