Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Delivering Christmas Cookies

So easy!

Start with this ~

That is an empty can of Pringles, by the way.

Measure the card stock, cut it & glue it on the can.  Finish off decorating with some Christmas stickers.

Waa laa ~

We just need to add the Christmas cookies, and they will be ready for delivery!

Thank you, Pinterest!  Another kid-friendly, festive idea.

Advent blessings ~



  1. How cute is that! Easy Peasy. Best part I'd say would be eating the Pringles in order to have enough cans :) I certainly could've helped you with that. lol.

  2. This is such a creative idea! I love it!! :)


  3. Now that is clever, Patty! And fortunately, we have plenty of Pringles cans in this house... : ) Enjoy the delivery time!

  4. How do you get the pringle smell/residue out of the can? Perhaps I'm making it more difficult than it need be, but that seems like it would alter the flavor of the cookie. Let me know!

    1. Excellent question! Plain Pringles leaves no smell. We rinse out all the cans which is easy since they have a waxed foil interior. No residual smell!

  5. I think this is a great idea! I think I saw this last year as a good way to mail cookies because it kept them from getting broken. I'm sure your kids will have fun making the deliveries!!

  6. This is so super cute!! I'll need to start saving cans. Pringles are out "special picnic outing chip", so we should be able to collect a few throughout the year.

  7. This is a great idea! How cute and you get to reuse/repurpose the can instead of recycling it. Love it.


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