Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Lights

Today is the feast of St. Lucy.

Her name means "light".  On the evening of December 13, we get into the van and drive around looking at all the beautiful Christmas lights.

How fun to schedule this same night each year on the calendar.  It's an automatic and there is no stress added to the Advent season by doing it.

(The original idea came from Jen over at Forever, For Always, No Matter What.)

We enjoy a pizza & salad dinner and end with a couple of books about St. Lucy and children in Sweden ~

I'm posting this early just in case any of you decide to see the lights tonight.  A great tradition to start!

Advent blessings ~



  1. A great tradition, indeed Patty! Thanks for the inspiration...Have a great Thursday!

  2. Another great idea! Wish I had heard/thought of it when the boys were little!

  3. Beautiful Tradition indeed. If it wasn't for my Buttercup and her Choir Rehearsal we would have added the tradition. I think we are going to our Holiday Lights display on Sunday. Thinking of what I can find on St. Lucia in my home library! Enjoy your evening on the feast of St. Lucia. God bless you.

  4. What a great idea...supper is in the oven. We'll all get into our jammies and head out to see some lights! Thanks for sharing.

  5. wow..what a beautiful tradition to start!!

  6. I do love that tradition as well. Last year we planned to but did not make it- but we did put up lights! I thought that was a nice compromise. Blessings to you and your precious family this advent!


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