Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Cherished Christmas Memories

Merry Christmas, everyone!  What a beautiful time of the year!

Even with little Clementine being ushered to the doctor's office on Christmas Eve morning....RSV.

We were able to keep an eye on her at home, not the hospital, and we were all together.

On top of that, I had volunteered to help out with the Christmas pageant this year.  It was AWESOME to work with the Jr. High and Sr. High kids from church!

I was able to get a shot of part of the cast from the Christmas pageant gathered around the baptismal font.

Going with the flow, I took the older girls to the children's Mass while David stayed home with the Stan and little Clementine.

Sally set the dining room table with our collection of Christmas dishes.  (Each child, when old enough, gets to pick out their own.  A fun tradition!!)

And I highly recommend track #5 - Joy to the World, George Straight.  Mmmm....Mmmmm!

This year, we decided against putting up the big, family Christmas tree.  We thought it would be safer for Miss Clementine after she pulled the wooden high chair over on herself!

But Santa still came. He filled the stockings and delivered gifts to  the kids' tree (which is smaller and upstairs :)

Miss Clementine wasn't too sure what to make out of her first-ever, M&M candy cane.  Check out the horrible spit rash on her cheeks!

She was SO congested and the virus produces a LOT of mucus.  Ugh!  She had about three sleepless nights.

And here's a great shot of  the handsome men in my life!

They headed out to Mass Christmas the thunderstorm that had been going on for hours and north Texas some badly needed rain.

Now, isn't this one of the cutest toy stackers you have ever seen?!

Santa brought this Fun on the Farm animal toy stacker for Miss Clementine.  She loves it!  (Santa didn't pay that price though:)

Remember that thunderstorm I mentioned above?

Well, it turned into big, wet snowflakes!

A VERY special site for these Texans!

There is a 0% probability for Dallas to experience a white Christmas of 1", 5" or 10+" of snow!!

And then that snow started to stick and accumulate.

My Texans were snow bound!

Stan wanted back in after being out only 30 seconds.  I told him no took 30 minutes to get him dressed!

And those three snowmen?

That's a rare site in our area, too.  I took the picture this morning.  Sooo cute!

As I type this post, the kids have been outside ALL!  DAY!  LONG! in the snow.  It's been just David, baby, and myself inside.  David asked, "Is this what's it like to have one kid?"  LOL

Everybody's happy :)

And Miss Clementine?

Though she doesn't look too happy here, she is starting to feel better.  She has an appetite today (a very good thing) and only woke up once last night.  She still wheezes and chokes on mucus as soon as she exerts any energy, but she is improving.

Can you believe she is 11 months old today?  I find myself saying, "No way!"

And now a hear voices coming to the door.  Need to hop off here and help take care of all the wet, snowy clothes.  I just LOVE the rosy, red cheeks!

Merry Christmas!  May you all enjoy the peace and joy of this beautiful season!



  1. Merry Christmas Patty...sorry to hear of your little one's sickness. We too had a very sick chick for Christmas. As I type this, she is right beside me coughing, poor thing. Looks as if you had a wonderful Christmas for your very happy you got snow!!! I bet your kids are having a blast! Enjoy this wonderful week with that beautiful family, friend! : )

  2. I love all your photos. had to chuckle at the one child comment from David. your girls look so pretty in their Christmas dresses, and the men, handsome as ever. Merry Christmas !!!

  3. Merry, merry Christmas. Thanks for sharing your precious memories. I will pray for Clementine's continued recovery! Poor baby. And that toy is absolutely adorable. :)

  4. Your home looks so festive and cozy, Patty! I pray that little miss C. is feeling lots better by now. Those snow photos are priceless. Have a blessed Christmas season ahead:)

  5. Beautiful, beautiful pictures of your family! That is sooooo exciting that you had a white Christmas! I hope you had a wonderful day with your family! :)

  6. Love your Christmas shots and all the snow pictures! You had more snow than we did :) Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

  7. Merry Christmas, friend and blessed 2012. It was nice catching up on your blog today. So many beautiful photos. I especially likes the one from above in Church. Everyone's growing up!

  8. And so beautiful...(I mistakenly hit enter before I was done.) O my gosh that rosy cheeked baby shows me how quickly time passes!


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