Monday, November 26, 2012

Transracial Adoption

Unfortunately, I will need to step away from our round table talks this week.  We just came back from driving over 2,000 miles to visit family over Thanksgiving.  I had wanted so badly to put my thoughts into writing prior to our departure, but I barely squeaked out last week's post.

It was a hard trip.  We stayed in five different homes/ hotels in six nights, visited my in-laws where my father-in-law suffers from Alzheimer's, and then got a quick visit in with my mom who would have celebrated a 50th wedding anniversary last week.

I now have the lovely task of chiseling away a mountain of laundry - one week's worth for a family of 7 and resuming class today.  My plan of attack ::  one thing at a time, one day at a time.  Hoping to regroup by Sunday, the start of Advent. 

(I really wish I had another 30 days before Advent begins!  I am so not ready for Christmas this year.)

I encourage you to stop over at Jen's to read what the other moms have written on this delicate subject.  I want to also thank Jen for inviting me over this past month.  I have enjoyed writing about adoption, hoping to  shed more light on the subject.  Jen's passion for adoption awareness is such a blessing to everyone.  Really and truly.  

Leaving you with one of Jen's recent quotes...

"Adoption isn’t so much about providing children to parents as it is about finding parents for children.  Does that make sense?  As an adult I’m not entitled to a child any more than I’m entitled to a closet full of clothes, a fancy sports car, or a tropical vacation every year.  However, no child should have to grow up without a permanent, loving family." - Jen Dunlap

~  Patty  ~


  1. No worries Patty, focus on getting your house in order! I know it's hard for me to tend to other things when the laundry is piled up. Have a great Monday!

  2. take care friend. This is a busy time of year.

  3. Oh Patty...I know what you mean...I have to get my house and laundry in order as soon as we get home from anywhere! My mind just goes in a million different directions! Take your time and rest up! Will be here when you get back! : )

  4. No worries about stepping away...take all the time you need! I've been overwhelmed too, but for an entirely different reason. We didn't travel, but our house sure appears that way! LOL My calf surgery has taken me a bit by surprise in terms of recovery...not quite bouncing back as I had expected...but not having any complications either. Just takes time to heal...and time is a very precious commodity while raising toddlers and grade schoolers!


  5. I love that quote from Jen!

    Wow! I cannot even fathom driving that far (from the person who rarely drives more than 1 hour any direction!). I will pray that your transition back to "real life" goes smoothly as can be this week.


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