Sunday, October 14, 2012

Smorgasboard Sunday

Miss Mermaid ~

Let's just say, I totally lack the athletic gene.  Seriously.

My kids, if they have it, well....their abilities do not come from their mama!  And that's okay.  I  know I've made contributions in other favorable areas :)

So back to sports and athletics...

Sally had a HUGE meet last weekend.  And she almost did not compete.

She had hurt herself in dry land three days prior with a pulled back muscle.

Swimmers can either "age out" of current divisions or "time out" with qualifying  swim times.  She was about to age out.

She has only been competing since June and  set a goal to "time out" rather than "age out".  Last weekend's meet was her LAST chance.

Yowzer.  It was pretty nerve wracking!

We had a lot of friends and family praying :)


Let's hear it for Fortitude!

2nd overall in the 50 free (timed out - yeah!)
3rd overall in the 100 back (timed out - yeah!)
5th overall in the 100 free (totally worn out by this event - missed timing out by 1 second).
Scratched the 50 fly.

She came home exhausted, took a shower, and ended up in bed. (P.S.  Doing much better now.)


Home School Cheerleader~

And these just make me smile.  Love this child and the joy she brings!

Cheering on Ester as she  was attempting to take  took an online Math test this past week.

Remembering Poppy~

Gosh.  I miss him terribly!

October 12 marked the 6th anniversary of my father's death.

His greatest gift to his children was to live his faith with much love and trust in God and to pass that along to his children.

A sister-in-law recently sent me her pictures from the weekend reunion we had back in September.  The original pics I posted were so yucky.  This one is much better!

(photo credit: Jenny)

Blue Knights Camp Out~

That Father/Son time is so important!

David and Stan headed out for an over night camp out with the other Blue Knights and their dads recently.

Sam was in boy heaven!  Give him buddies, dirt, sticks, and the chance to use his imagination...look out world!

Yee Haw~

Aren't these the most darling infant girl pants you've seen?!

Clementine rocks 'em!

Texas State Fair~

I thought I was having a moment of insanity when I took all the kids, by myself, to the state fair last week.

Meet Big Tex!

He's 60 years old this year!  His boot size is a giant size 70.  And that hat size is an easy 75 gallon.

A separate post is needed for this one!

Lego Math~

Legos make great math manipulatives!  Stan seems to learn much faster when Legos are involved. :)

Shoot 'em Up~

Ester has been hitting the firing range with her dad.

Sister has pretty good aim, too!

They went hunting last weekend together and she loves it.

Show me the honey~

I read once that taking a tsp of local honey each day helps to cut back on the allergies you may suffer from.

(This bee farmer lives north of us but this particular honey comes from hives south of us, down in Waco, TX.  The southern winds blow the pollen right up into our neck of the woods all year long.)

We did this a couple of years ago, and by golly, we were allergy-illness-free that year!  Coicidence?  Maybe.  But, I'm going to have the family do it again since we've been hit hard this year.

Okay.  So, is it just me or did this weekend fly by way to fast?!

Hope you had a quiet and peace-filled Sunday!

~  Patty ~


  1. So much to love in this post, Patty. I love "peeking" into the lives of my blogger friends! Congratulations to your daughter on her accomplishments! We fight allergies in this house too...ugh! And I agree! This weekend flew right by...and I have some housecleaning to catch up on...Happy Sunday evening,friend!

  2. I have heard the same thing about local honey. Hey, even if it doesn't work, it's a great excuse to eat more honey :) Those cowboy pants are too cute. You should have gotten a matching pair for yourself ;)

  3. Congrats to Sally! Keep Ester up with the shooting...there are scholarships to be had out there in marksmanship! The college that I went to (and OS went to) have some national championships under their belts.
    Pictures of Clementine make me smile! :)

  4. Congrats to Sally Swimmer! Way to use her gifts and talents:) Hugs to you as you remember your Dad. That anniversary is always a tough one, regardless of the number of years. He must be so proud of that beautiful family in the reunion photo!


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