Thursday, October 4, 2012

Our Young Ninja Turned 7

He's been counting down the days since his last year :)

He was up bright and early to open his birthday gifts.

(That bottom right photo was Stan the man talking to Grammy on the phone :)

He had a friend over whom we took to the park and then to dinner.

(I LOVE this park.  It is in our subdivision just around the corner from our house.)

I had to laugh.  Out of all the places he could have chosen to eat out at, he chose Wendy's.  :)

And then there was cake fit for a Ninja.

Waltzing Matilda gave me this idea.  I used his birthday gift as a cake topper.  The training ring was made out of black and red licorice.

He was quite pleased!

You know, each year my thoughts are ALWAYS with her, his birth mother.  She weighs heavily on my heart as I picture her possibly walking to work on a busy street with thoughts of him weighing heavily on her own heart. I hope she feels the love I have for her at the same moment we are both thinking of him.

Happy birthday to our little ninja!  May God bless you and keep you throughout this next year!


Mom & Dad


  1. Awwww! Happy birthday to Stan! I love the cake. Ninja Legos- does it get any better?

  2. Happy Happy Birthday to you little one, Patty! I love the smile on his face while opening his gift! We love legos here, too. What a wonderful day you had for him, mom! : ) Happy Weekend!

  3. Happy Birthday Stan!! He looks like he had an awesome day. Great idea to have a friend over for play and dinner - and he chose Wendy's, how fun :) Seven just seems so much older than six doesn't it??? Many blessings to him!

  4. Oh Happy Birthday Stan! What a beautiful motherly heart you have Patty! Many birthday blessings sent to your son, family and his birth mother. He is one special little miracle. blessings!

  5. Looks like that cute ninja had a fantabulous day! Just looking at him smile makes me smile:) Wishing him many blessings...Loved your sweet reflection about his birth mom...How blessed she is by YOU. Great job on the awesome cake!


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