Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Nursery Decor

I've been crafting.

Flags made from scrapbook sheets hot glued onto twine.

Super easy (under 30 minutes), super inexpensive (9 sheets @ .59 each), and super-duper cute!

I first saw scrapbook flags on Pinterest.  I thought that this would be a cute idea for a nursery.

Staying in the color scheme of pinks, lavendars, and green, I cut flags from 9 sheets of 12"x12" using scalloped-edge scissors.  (I'm sure straight-edged scissors would like just as nice.)

After I cut them out, I laid out a pattern on the floor.

Then I flipped them over and glued them to the twine.  (I did NOT cut the twine until I was finished gluing.)

I attached each end to the wall with a knot and nail.

What I also noticed was that these flags were great for breaking up a very large wall space and letting it flow at the same time.

I am lovin' the finished product!!

~  Patty  ~


  1. Very pretty Patty! It does break up your wall very nicely with a splash of color.

  2. nice flags! i like their colors!

  3. Love it, Patty... Thanks for the post. I have seen these and wondered about them. Now I am good to go! Love the colors too...

  4. You aren't kidding--super-de-duper cute! Love the color choices.

  5. OK, so there's that Pinterest temptation again! hee hee. Love things like this. I think I'd be a Pinterest addict so I'd better keep away for awhile longer:) You are a genious crafter!


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