Friday, September 21, 2012

The Pool

Normally, our home away from home.  But this year has been different.  A new baby and daily  swim team practice eating up a chunk of our day left little swim time for the others.

(They weren't sure if they could remember the entry code.)

Just like a good friendship where you can pick up right where you left off, we headed out and had some afternoon fun with the pool.

It was good for the soul!

We finished with our classes by late morning.

And you know what?

Sometimes, chores can just wait!  Besides, there will ALWAYS be chores, right?

 The Lord wants us to have fun and experience His beauty...and for parents to enjoy the gifts He has blessed us with.

(He cracks me up when he wears those goggles!)

I dropped Sally off at swim team practice and then took advantage of having the subdivision pool to ourselves!

We thought we were alone until they spotted a frog in the pool.  :)

Ester makes her father proud....she is not afraid to touch anything slimy or scaly or creepy - crawly.

They set out on a rescue mission.

This made me smile and feel good inside.

Lately, the political news, the economy, the assault on religious freedom, the terrorist attacks, the report that almost half of "Catholics" will vote for Obama...well, it has made me feel physically ill.

These kids have their share of differing opinions.  Sometimes when they argue, it really makes me feel like I've failed.  But I must remember that they are jut little people.

Little people are still learning how to control their emotions.  There are good days and bad days.

Planting seeds.  Right?

But what about adults?  They are suppose to have more control.

I worry about my kids and their future.

These days, there is no civil disagreeing, no civil difference of opinion.  You are simply HATED.

Our society, has become a septic tank of immorality, and you are hated if you want to live by a religious standard.

But I cling to hope.

Hope - Hope is the virtue by which we firmly trust that God will give us eternal happiness and the means to obtain it.

Hope means that we trust God to care for all our needs.  - The New St. Joseph Baltimore Catechism.

We actually sin against God when we lose hope.  Instead, we focus only on presumption and despair instead of worshipping Him, trusting Him.

My kids, and the reception of the sacraments, help me to refocus on hope.

The pool has been good friend today.  It has reminded me of this.

It has given me the good jolt I needed to realize my faith will never waiver.

Faith - Faith is the virtue by which we firmly believe on the word of God and all the truths He has revealed.

Faith means we believe all Christ teaches us through His Church.  -  New St. Joseph Baltimore Catechism.

Unlike chores, we can never abandon our faith nor slice & dice it up.  For that, too, is a sin against God.

And I am expected by God to pass this on to them for He entrusted them into my care.

~  Patty  ~


  1. Love it....every word you wrote. We are so much in need of faith and hope. We're currently working on LOVE in our house. Thanks for the beautiful pictures of your lovely family!

  2. Beautiful Patty...both in words and in pictures. Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Timely- it is easy to feel hopeless right now. I keep thinking about what our priest said a few weeks ago - "quit shaking your head and complaining- PRAY". I can feel the hope and happiness in your pictures. They are stunning!! AND they make me wish that we could drive over and join you for a swim. ;)

  4. love your all those little nuggets of wisdom, Patty. love the photos of your children. the are all so beautiful. and my, what a great pool that is.

  5. Our current events are frustrating, but you're right we can't give up hope! Thanks for the reminder.

  6. Great post, my friend! Oh how I love that tone of conviction...Thank you for the inspiration! Great job clinging to your hope for that is all there is:) Your photos are amazing. They seems to capture sheer innocence and joy of life in just being in the moment. See you soon!

  7. Our children are our greatest resource...our reason for hope! Lovely pool photos.


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