Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Family Reunion

I am so happy for my mother.

She had all 9 of her children home for the first time in almost 4 years.

The quality of these photos are so very poor.  I was using Mabel's little camera and it didn't have a card in it. But you get the picture :)

It was an amazing weekend and those absent, my hubs and four older ones, were dearly missed.  This reunion was not planned, but we all agreed to plan another for next year.

We all managed one pool party, two dinners, one breakfast, and Sunday Mass together.  And with all the rain they received in northern Illinois, my brother-in-law informed me he still had to add water to the pool!


Clementine was loved to the moon and back!  Being the youngest of 27 grandchildren, there was lots of lovins' to receive.

Clementine's godmother, my sister-in-law, also stopped in for a nice visit Sunday afternoon.

She lives down in East Peoria and took the hour drive north to say hello to her god daughter :)


The kids went through major withdrawals without Clementine around.  Oh my goodness!  They were so excited to see her when we got off the plane.

By the way, the plane rides were pretty smooth.  She slept the entire time - both ways!  And no bad weather.


I must give a shout out to David.  He is so supportive.  He encourages me to get away each year and then watches the children while I'm gone.   All.  By.  Himself.  No grandparents or aunts & uncles around to lend him a hand.

He played dad and teacher, hosted a Blue Knights meeting, and then took the kids up to Oklahoma for a day trip to play in the natural spring fed ponds in a national park.


I hit the floor running this morning.   As a friend said, it is fun to get away (in my case, twice in one week), but you sometimes pay when you get back.

I'm back.  And now off to a parents' swim meeting...

Hope to catch up on some some point!

~  Patty  ~


  1. Patty, How wonderful for your dear mother! And for all of you! What a special time you all had together. And your husband... Wow! Good for him! And good for you! Have a great day and enjoy that beautiful family!

  2. Wow, what a dream for your Mama to have ALL of her children together! Now that I have only 1 out of the nest, I can only imagine:) You really have a lovely family, Patty. So happy that Clementine was a trooper for you! "Baby steps" getting back to your routine, right?

  3. I bet your mom was so delighted to have you all there. I bet Miss Clementine was the Belle of the Ball :) Glad to hear David and kiddos survived without you two. What a man you have!

  4. I love your big family! That's so wonderful that all of you were be able to get together! And so sweet that your husband watched the kids! :)

  5. So glad you had a great weekend! I'm sure your mom loved having you all at mass most of all! Have fun getting "caught up" this week :)


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