Saturday, September 15, 2012

9 Years Old!

And she had a happy day :)

She had a birthday wish list on the refrigerator door for some time.  American Girl doll McKenna topped the list as well as the doll's clothes.

David told her that McKenna came with camo clothes.  Of course Mabel would not fall for his teasing!

But Dad kept teasing.

If you give a mouse a cookie...

Then Mom had the idea to ask a neighbor to make a camouflaged outfit for McKenna.  It could be wrapped up as a gift :)

Next, Aunt Sara suggested we purchase McKenna, take her out of the packaging and redress her in the camo outfit that the neighbor made, and then repackage the doll.

Good idea, Aunt Sara!

This morning, Mabel was so excited to see that special shaped box...but she didn't expect to see "Rambo-style" McKenna inside...

Parents can sure play some funny jokes sometimes, can't we?!

(She felt better when she saw the "real" clothes that McKenna was suppose to be wearing :)

A trip to the American Girl store was her plan.  Allowance and birthday money were burning a hole in her pocket!

Did you notice who is missing?  Stan the Man does NOT like the big, red store!  He went to work with David instead.

We met up with some friends at A.G.   Can you guess who this sweet,  baby girl  is with Clementine??

(Okay.  So I took a few photos.  But they were SO cute together!)

Have you guessed yet?

Here is one with all the girls ::

Yep!  It's Waltzing Matilda's lovely little ladies :)

We first met these girls last year at American Girl for Sunshine's birthday.  (Sunshine is holding cupcake in the above picture.)  

It's a great place for girls to gather, that's for sure!

And Clementine says :  Meeting new friends her size ROCKS!

Arriving home, I frosted Mabel's cake.

Triple chocolate fudge heart-shaped cake and homemade butter cream frosting sprayed purple and topped with purple sparkles.  (That's a mouthful!)

I baked and then froze it earlier in the week.

She invited her neighbor girlfriend over for dinner and cake.  They watched the new Barbie movie, Princess and the Pop Star.

Their review:  "It's THE BEST Barbie movie so far."  (And we have 'em all!)
She celebrated big today!  And now she's tucked in bed soon to be drifting off into happy dream land.

We look forward to what God has planned for her in this next year and watching her blossom into a beautiful flower.

We love you, M!

~ Mom &  Dad ~


  1. Beautiful! What a magical day. I can only imagine how my daughters would have loved that store. They used to save and save to buy an outfit for their dolls. Those girls look HAPPY! Happy birthday to Mabel.

  2. Happy Birthday, Mabel! What a great day she had. Love the camo doll surprise, how fun!

  3. Good morning , Patty and happy birthday to your Mabel! What a wonderful day you had for her special day! I can only imagine how exciting a visit to that special place was for a birthday girl...and how fun for all of you to meet up with friends. The girls look like they all had a wonderful time. Please share your cake recipe sometime. It sounds and looks delicious. Congratulations mom on creating a wonderful birthday for your little! Enjoy your Sunday, Patty!

  4. what a beautiful Marian feast day to be born on!! I bet she has a special protection from Our Lady!! (well, I'm sure all your girls do). What a great gift, and funny twist on it! great job, parents. Oh I wish we had an American Girl Doll store here. the closest one is 90 miles away, so we buy online. Someday we'll make it to the store. Happy birthday to Mabel! (p.s. what do you use to spray on the purple?)

    1. Gardenia,
      Yes, we are lucky to be close by an AG store!! I always remind my girls, too. I can't imagine paying for shipping!! I use the Wilton spray on food coloring. Something new for us this fall, but so so so easy! And it tastes the same :)

  5. We were so thrilled to get to see you all again! The babies were so precious playing with each other and the store's babies. Happy Birthday, Mabel! Thanks for letting us share a little bit of it with you!

  6. Happy Birthday Mabel!! It looks like you had a very special day celebrating.

    Cupcake and Clementine- what cute buddies!! Can't believe that you get to hang out with THE Waltzing Matilda. How fun!!

    So, the cake was frozen and looked that awesome after thawing?! I've got a birthday girl later this week and we're trying to figure out bday cake logistics. Of course, she also has big plans for the cake and as always, it's gonna take some planning. You'll have to wait for the post to see how it all turns out.

    Have a great week Patty!

    1. Hi Sarah,
      I baked and froze it earlier in the week. On Saturday, I pulled it out, dusted off the crumbs and decorated it while frozen. Easy peasy! Looking forward to seeing your bday post!

  7. Aww happy birthday to Maybel! Your kids are too cute! I love all the pictures of Clementine and your friend's baby. You really can't take too many pictures of that much cuteness! :) This brings back so many memories. I love, love, loved my American girl dolls when I was younger!

  8. Too cute. Happy Birthday to your sweet Mabel! :)

  9. I'm just getting around to catching up with you! Happy belated birthday to Mabel! Looks like an awesome time! :)
    I can't believe how big Clementine is getting! She's sooo cute!

  10. How did I miss this? I'm SO behind! Great photos of ALL of those precious girls...How fun! Hope that Mabel had a spectacular birthday:)


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