Sunday, August 12, 2012

Show & Tell

Where these photos show the good times around our neck of the woods this past weekend, they don't tell about the tired mama whose little one seems to be taking to a newborn schedule....again.  It makes for a very, cranky  mama!

~  David has spent most of the spring and summer building his new home show display.  Everything on this display he built.  (Except for the sign and skirt.)

My friend, Sondra, sewed the skirt.  It hides the wheels.  Yup, this is actually a display trailer.  See?

He built it all from scratch, starting with just two wheels.  

It all folds down nice and neat, drastically cutting down on the set up and tear down time for these home shows, which started this weekend.  

I cannot express the depth of pride I have for him.  (In case you are wondering, this is his website:    

~  Texas Rangers VS Detroit Tigers.  

Friday afternoon, a wonderful neighbor called and asked if we would like two, free tickets to the game.  Heck ya'!

David and Sally went since she is the baseball nut in the house.  The poor child....she saw the Rangers lose yet again in person.  

Sally:  Mom, I think I'm bad luck!

Three games this summer....three losses.  And the Rangers are actually really good!  In first place for their division.

To keep all the other natives happy, I made these for them...

Mutiny averted!

~  Mabel frosted her first cake on her own.  She wanted me to show you what a great job she did!  And it tasted quite yummy :)

~  We also had Sally's swim meet this weekend to work around.  She did great!  It was a "Best Times" meet and out of five events she swam, she beat her best time for each one!

(They misplaced one of her ribbons, but we will get it eventually :)

She swam ::
1.  100 i.m.
2.  50 free
3.  100 free
4.  50 back
5.  50 fly  (*this is turning out to be her favorite stroke.)

My friend's son (age 7) swam his first 100 i.m. (for 8 & under).  That was really amazing to see!

~  Me.  I have been good and keeping to my goal of reading in bed by 9pm for the past week, asleep by 10.  Tonight, I think I'll pour a glass of wine to go with it.  :)

Have a wonderful week!

~  Patty  ~


  1. BigBoy and my husband were also at that game. It was BigBoy's first Ranger game.

    1. I'm glad he got to go to his first Rangers' game! I'm sure he had a good time but wished he could have seen a win :) Maybe next time.

  2. Having a lil one can be hard on a normally schedule momma. but in bed reading by 9 is pretty good, girl friend. I hope you're able to keep that going for a while. I'm sure things will only get more hectic with school starting soon. Awesome results for your Sally -- she must be really practicing !! Mabel did some beautiful cake decorating !! Your hubs is awesome and dedicated.

    1. Gardenia, that's what really makes it tough. Today we start week #3 of school and it is so hard to stay cheerful and happy all day. But, this, too, shall pass. Right?

  3. WOW, what an exciting week! Sally is doing just great with the swimming...awesome job! Love your nightly routine...I need to get back to that discipline. Your husband's display is fabulous! Have a blessed week and hope that little sweetie gives you a bit more sleep:)

  4. Great job Sally! You are doing great!

  5. Nice display, fun times at the game! (sorry they lost), love the ice cream treat, the cake looks ***MARVELOUS***, and congrats to Sally (look at that smile on her face!). I am passed that newborn regression phase, but my daughter is right there with you! After a month of being sick, her little one has reverted right back to nursing 'round the clock and waking up all night. It is a good thing God made babies so stinkin' cute!

    1. Laurie, I was just talking to her last night about her cuteness and sleeping. She just coo'd and gave me a killer smile. If they weren't so cute...

  6. The display looks fantastic and I hope he has lots of success at the upcoming shows! Sorry that Sally was disappointed, but I have to say I'm glad the Tigers won 1 of the 3 games :) Lucky you, you have a baker on your hands! In bed by 9:00 with a book is always my goal and I usually do it, however the older boys are constantly in and out of our room. Hopefully as we get back to a more regular schedule they will be up earlier and to be earlier!

  7. Very talented family you have there, Patty! You do a great job keeping everyone busy and productive. Marney is on her break right now from swim too. She is itching to get back in the pool. She is so much happier when she gets her pool time!

  8. Aww Mabel's first cake looks great! Congratulations to Sally! That's so awesome!


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