Monday, August 20, 2012

Camp Hughes

We did it.

We went.  We camped.  And we kicked some fire ant butt...with Stan and I bringing home a few ant stings as souvenirs.

We camped out Sunday night when the camping grounds were pretty quiet.  (The kids schooled on Saturday in order to take Monday off.)

We were right next to a big playground, a clean shower house, and plenty of trails to walk on.  We used  two-way radios, that David's brother had given him, to keep tabs on the kids at all times.

Since I'm not known to love camping (sarcastic grin), we decided if we were going to do this, we wanted it well-planned.  We read all kinds of tear drop forums, websites, and blogs to see how others manage.

 (We used business, credit card points to order supplies we didn't already have.)

Welcome to our "kitchen."

David went online to find a camping list for teardrops and "ideas" how to pack one just right.  It was a HUGE help and I can't believe how much we fit into this thing!

My pull out drawers look like this...

One drawer has stacking mixing bowls and pots/pans, oven mitts, table cloth & clips, trash bags.

Another drawer has dish rags and towels, sponges, toothpicks, and zip lock bags, etc.

Third drawer has all of our dishes, bowls, and silverware and even bibs for Clementine as well as her own dish and spoon, and wipes for her messy face :)

Everything else is stored above on the "counter top" or the long shelf.

Camping tables are a necessity.  We used ours for the Coleman stove and even a sink!

That sink folds down and stores in the ice chest when camp is broken down.

BTW, the sink also doubled for Clementine's bath tub!  We just mixed cold water from the tap with boiled water and Waa!  Laa!  The perfect baby, bath temperature.

We had drinking water and a 5 gallon jug for washing hands and doing dishes :)

That 5 gallon jug folds down and stores in the ice chest as well when we are traveling.

Speaking of dishes, they couldn't believe they still had to do chores on a camping trip :)

They discovered the novelty of it made it fun :)

After dinner (hot dogs, cauliflower, grapes & these delicious Ranger Cookies for dessert) ....

...and the dishes were done, David walked the big kids down to the lake for an evening swim.

I stayed back with Clementine to help her "adjust" to her new baby bunk in the camper.

(All smiles here, but at 1am, she was TOTALLY freaked out!)

After "hanging the laundry," I actually had some peace and quiet.   I felt kind of guilty since David did 99% of the work to get us to that point.  But it still felt good to relax and he did have fun with the kids at the lake.

Fresh blueberry pancakes were on the breakfast menu.  YUMMY!

And little Miss woke up quite happy (the 3rd time) ready for some breakfast herself!

This was a successful dry run for the camping trips we have planned this fall.  There are only a couple of things we'd "fix".

Like, storing our shoes in tubs inside the tent and camper....especially since I found a rather large scorpion under one of the coolers this morning!

David and I didn't even THINK about scorpions especially at 1am and at 5:30am when we slid into our shoes changing and feeding Clementine.  

We are really excited about seeing more of this gorgeous state and making some great memories with the kids!

Our next trip will be (weather permitting) Palo Duro Canyon State Park - in the Panhandle of Texas, south of Amarillo.

Photo credit:  TPWD

Until then, it's back to school tomorrow for us and work for David.  (And a good night sleep tonight!)

~  Patty  ~


  1. Looks like a fun trip, great ideas! We are planning a trip to the mountains this fall!

  2. Kinda makes me want to go camping... ;)

  3. Looks like a good time! We're looking forward to getting into the camping groove! I think we're going to do a dry run close to home this weekend before we attempt a weekend farther away.

    1. I'm excited for you, Mary! Good idea about that dry run. We stayed close to home as well.

  4. What a blast! Almost makes me want to go camping...maybe. That teardrop is seriously one of the cutest little things. And look at all the stuff you have in there! I am so amazed at all of the cool camping gear you've got!! You are making some good family memories, Patty.

  5. looks like a great adventure for the whole family! :)

  6. Patty, looks like a wonderful time! Your children are going to have such special favorite picture? The one of your older cildren feeding Clementine! Adorable! Have a great day!

  7. Wow, you sure make camping look beautiful!

    1. I have to most of the credit to my husband :) He worked his tail feathers off to bring as many comforts of home to our camp site :)

  8. How fun Patty! Love Clementine's face in her baby bunk! I would so much prefer camping if I had a bed in a camper! Not a big fan of sleeping on the ground in a sleeping bag. You're such a good mom!

    1. Hi Noreen,
      Well, you won't catch me right on the ground either LOL! I had David purchase a great cot and mattress for me in the tent. It was actually very comfy! I was surprised. Then when the baby woke up screaming in the camper, (David was in there with her) I ended up in the camper on a nicer bed. But still didn't sleep because I was worried about the kids in the tent! Ha ha. The baby definitely made camping (during the night) very difficult, but we still had a blast.

  9. Really awesome set-up! If we were campers we would be all over this. You both did an amazing job with your organization, I love it :)

  10. Your family is so neat! I love that you all did this together! Clementine is so cute in her little bunk! What a wonderful trip! :)

  11. wow, you guys did it. I can't say I've got the back (or the desire) for sleeping in a tent anymore. we camped each year when i was a youngster, but these days, I'll take a marriot courtyard over the woods! I love all the inovations you made out of the tear drop camper. so cool.

  12. Patty, you guys are organized-campers-extraordinare! Wow, that is an awesome set-up! (Including that cool baby bed)! Good for you...nothing like nature and fresh air to renew the spirit! We have an RV but thinking of selling and getting back to more tent camping? We'll see...
    These are awesome memories you are creating...God bless you and David!


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