Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I have to type it once more....bliss.

Boy!  I rarely get to use that word when describing a feeling or mood or moment in my day.  How about you?

The stars must have all been aligned in a once-in-a-million moment or, as I like to prefer, Our Lady with her starry mantle was thinking of mothers, especially home school mothers, this very day, the Feast of the Assumption of Mary.

Because, today, was pure bliss.  (So, totally unlike many other home school days!)

~ Moms' Night Out.  A treasured evening each month for the amazing mamas in our home school group.

I hosted the back-to-school meeting last night and it!  was!  FAAA-bu-lous!  Oh! how I love those women!

(All agree, yummy dessert drink :)

Our Meeting of the Minds was a success and we have a fabulous year planned for the kids in our group.  

~  And it rained.  All through the night!  A glorious, steady shower with a smidge of thunder rumbling and lightening in the skies every once in a while.  Something that is scripted in the movies, I tell ya!  It was perfect.

And the ground gulped it all up.  

And we woke up to gray, overcast skies.  Which was so nice since Texas is usually bright blue skies with hot rays of sunshine.  

It rarely rains like that in Texas in August.  

~ The Bubbins slept all night long!  That alone equates to bliss.  Can I get an Amen?!

We lounged in pj's and played with the baby this morning. 

School?  What school?

And she can hardly wait to get her little fingers on my camera someday :)

For now, she settles for the camera strap.  For now.

~  School.  Yes.  Eventually we did migrate upstairs and some of us did our morning work in pj's.  That's okay.  We home school :)

~ Break time. Morning prayers and school work complete by 11am.  In my pj's still with a cup of coffee and a slice of pound cake with that fabulous orange dip (spread) left over from last night.


~  Mass.  Now I need to hop off and start getting the troops ready for Mass later this afternoon.  I'll be praying for all you mothers, teachers, especially the home school mothers as the start of the school year commences for many of you.

It's been a wonderful 24 hours.  In my house, days like this are far and few in between. So I'm savoring it and thanking God for it.

~  Patty  ~


  1. Patty, I agree! It sounds like Bliss! PJ days are our favorite around here! And coffee and pound cake too! Enjoy!!!!

  2. AMEN!! That does sound like *bliss* and I know how very hard that is to come by. How heavenly!! Coffee, wine, poundcake, time in pj's and time playing with baby...definitely bliss!

  3. Glad to hear you had such a nice day!

  4. Shouting out a big Amen for sleep and sips of the sweetness of life! What a blessing to have that strong support network of Mama friends you have. Another Amen for that:)


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