Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ring-a-Ding Ding

Our new school year starts tomorrow!

Am I ready?

Well, I know the kids are ready (not all of them will admit it)  for routine once again.

Myself?  Gosh.  I feel as though I've been running a marathon all summer.  I wanted so badly to finish up on the mini house make over before school started up.  And I did.

Now I feel like a need a summer vacation - LOL!

Back to school traditions.


I always put one on each child's nightstand for them to open in the morning on the first day of school.  They like this tradition :)

At this time of the year, I can only find them at Target.  Not much of a selection...mostly geared toward Pre-schoolers or Kindergarten.

Pep Talk.

I want to talk to each of them about what is expected of them this year.  


I'm looking forward to saying a daily rosary with the kids again.  We break it up throughout the day...a couple of decades in the morning...a couple after lunch...and then the last one at bedtime.

Our homeschool group will have a back-to-school mass around Labor Day.


Our Last Hurrah!


David took Stan the man and Ester to the Mesquite Pro Rodeo this past Friday.

They had SO much fun!  It had been on the summer bucket list.

Check out this cute video of the chuck wagon races....a rodeo version of NASCAR racing.

$12 tickets...$1 hot dog night...$1 popcorn night....$1 soda night.


These three hung out with me on Friday to watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympics.

Major League Baseball.

Rangers - White Sox Game.

I was able to purchase 3 tickets  (at the last minute)  to the ballgame Saturday night.

The air temp was 106 degrees F. at 6:00pm.   And the place was still packed!  We were up in the nose bleeds but, it was better than nothing.

We packed our own cooler filled with water bottles.  A must!  

Sally said, "If the Rangers lose, they could at least lose with some dignity this time!"   Unlike the last game we attended.  Rangers lost 21-8.  Yikes!

Well, they lost.  This time the score was more respectable at 5-2.

We still had a great time.  

Arts and Crafts.

Ester and Mabel's closet window needed a new curtain.  

I created these out of white muslin, fabric glue, ribbon, and a spring tension rod....

For someone who doesn't know how to sew (except a hem), I was pretty happy with myself!


So there you have it.  Sorry that this was so long-winded.  I wasn't sure how much time I'd have to jump into the blogosphere over the next two weeks.  

For all of you who are starting school this week, God bless you in this upcoming school year!  May you all learn and grow and remember that Jesus is our greatest example of who we should strive to be like.

~  Patty  ~


  1. You are a sports loving family!! I love the curtains.

  2. Blessings as you begin another school year!!

    Although I'm enjoying the break from school, I always look forward to more routine. I'll admit though that I'm a little nervous how it will all go this year with the two little girls around. We shall see in another five weeks or so. Oh my, so much to get ready before then!! yikes.

  3. You guys have really had a great summer! It's always nice to get back to the routine, I know my kids are ready too. I like your tradition of giving cards, my kids would like that too. I'm stealing Tiffany's tradition of starting school on the Feast of the Assumption. Dad is going to be home for the morning, we will go to mass, breakfast, and then come home and do some sort of craft. You know me, it will be an easy craft!

  4. I pray your 1st week went well, since it's almost over;) I know that getting back to routine is always rough around our house! We are starting back up on the Assumption...Fun to know other bloggy friends will be joining us that day:) Have I ordered our curriculum? I won't tell you the answer! Lol I'm just all topsy turvy with Hank getting ready to leave:( Good idea to have some last hurrahs...You had some fun, good for you! Those curtains are incredibly sweet and impressive to this non-sewer;) Celebrate!... This week is a "big one" under your belt:)


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