Monday, July 9, 2012

Pool Side

'Tweetums  (a.k.a. Bubbins  &  Princesa ) went into the pool for the first time on Sunday.

She LOVED it!    After Daddy finished with the picture taking (10 minutes) I had her turned so my body shaded her well-sunblock lotioned body.

I've waited till now since the southern, Texas sun is harsh and the heat is rough on babies.

Big brother thought it was pretty cool!

I think we have another swimmer in the makings.

Speaking of sun block...what do you use for your little ones as far as sunblock/lotions go?

~  Patty  ~


  1. Those are the cutest, most colorful photos, Patty! Beautiful Mama and baby...What a blessing to have that time in the pool with Mom and Dad, both:) I always used the baby sunblock lotions when mine were infants over 6 months. Enjoy!

  2. So sweet!! I love the photos. Not sure about sunscreen though.

  3. How cute! I love the expresssions on her face, so full of wonder. Looking good mama and Miss Clementine!

  4. Love the pictures! I love babies in pools... it's such a new experience for them! I use Aveeno baby sunblock or WaterBabies on Joe's body and Neutragena Pure and Free Baby sunblock on his face because any other sunscreen usually gets in his eyes and irritates them to the point where he is screaming bloody murder. The Pure and Free stuff seems to not irritate him.

  5. Beautiful mom and baby! Clementine's swimsuit is adorable! :)

  6. She does look quite interested in the water!

  7. Is it coincidence that your and C's suits match? :) too cute. those chubby legs on C are the darndest cutest sqeezable yet!! she looks so calm going int the pool. she must love the water indeed. We use "Babies 50" lotion in a pink squeeze bottle. It has zinc in it so it goes on thick and doesn't come off! even in the tub later, we are having to wash it off.

  8. Thanks, Gardenia. She LOVES bath time so I knew she'd take to the pool. Can you tell I love blue?!?!


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