Monday, July 23, 2012

Ladies' Man

So I had three of the kids at the pool this morning.   There was one other child there with her grandfather.  The girl looked about Stan's age.  

Little man spent a good 20 minutes trying to impress the socks off of her with his best performance in jumps, splashes, and strokes.

It was the alligator stoke ( cue eyebrows wiggling) that finally caught her attention!  (Legs straight out, walking across pool step on hands, eyes above water line)

The sweet girl said, "I can do the alligator!"

Stan just beamed.  

And they began to play together.

But his victory was short lived when the little girl's girlfriend showed up.  Stan was soon left in the dust.  LOL!

He then proceeded to shout out her name, pining for her attention, as he showed different "hanging on the bar" stunts.  LOL!  

He definitely gets an A for effort!

Happy Monday!

~  Patty  ~


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