Tuesday, July 10, 2012

It's Never Too Early...

to learn about patriotism...

(Clementine at 2 weeks old.)

This adorable baby hat was a gift from a dear friend who happens to belong to a very patriotic family with deep military roots.

She mentioned it could also be a Texas Rangers' hat.  (The Rangers have such patriotic colors!)

Have I mentioned that we are Rangers' fans?

Clementine takes her role quite seriously!

Just joking!

We do love how the Texas Rangers love our servicemen and women and honor them at every home game.

Her eyebrows always crack us up! :)

~  Patty  ~ 


  1. Hi patty,

    She is absolutely delightful! I love her expressions!!

  2. So true! (Never too early to be patriotic:) That is so neat that the Rangers honor service men and women at every game...I like them already! Clementine makes the cutest fan ever:)

  3. Hi, catching up after being away for a while. I love your little C's expressions. and the ranger gear is too cute!!


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