Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Gymnastics That Are A Win Win

Remember the story I posted about Gymnastics Gone Bad?  Recently, we found another club to join which has a home school class.  I can send both Mabel and Stan at the same time!

They LOVE it!

These pics paint a completely different story than the original nightmare, don't they?

And when the kids are trying their hardest and do something right...they get to ring the big bell :)

We are using ASI Gymnastics and are very happy with it!

~  Patty  ~


  1. that's the way it should be, with encouragement and support by the coaches. glad you found that academy.

  2. *bliss* Looks fantastic! So glad to hear that it is a MUCH better experience for them and going well. yay!

  3. He has answered our prayers.

  4. Wow, God sure opened up a fun "door" after that other "window" was closed! Great news and so happy for your family:)

  5. So happy to read this Patty. Glad they are both having a great time and that Mabel can now experience "happy Gymnastics". :)


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