Thursday, June 14, 2012

Strike A Pose!

Two words ::  Free Bowling

Check out for more info in your area.  (Kids can bowl up to 2 free games each week day during summer months.  Does not include shoe rental.)

It's so much fun to go with a group of friends.

(6 out of 24 of our families made a trip to the bowling alley on Wednesday morning.)

Movie Night - round 2 & 3!

Tuesday night we hosted 13 tweens & teens (all girls) to watch Dolphin Tale and noshed on ice cream sandwiches.

Thursday night we hosted (14) 6-8 year old little boys to watch Star Wars IV - A New Hope.  They had a treat of Wookie Cookies and Vador Veggies, (Mom Suzanne's brilliant ideas!)

I must confess that I did manage to slip in a pedicure and took some of my kids to Mass before our guests showed up.  I made sure I had sanity and grace covered for the big night :)

It was fun.  Loud and now, but fun.

After everything that we've done the past two weeks, I can honestly say that I am tired...pooped...wiped out...stick-a-fork-in-me I'm done...with the kids' social activities for awhile.  But it's all good!

And tomorrow I rest.

Nighty night!

~  Patty  ~


  1. Cute pictures of the kids bowling!

  2. Wow! So much fun. AND, so many are so brave :) You've gotta be the awesomest mom right now. Well done and now you can rest.
    I especially love the photo of Stan with the other boys. Now that is cute!

    1. Ha ha! Not sure about awesomest but tired? yes :) It's all good though. I think after being out of commission for over a year with miscarriage and then Clementine, I'm revved up a bit? Felt good to get some things in for the kids and to have fun while at it ;)

  3. Sounds like your kids are having the best summer ever! Enjoy every minute of their joy-- and every minute you get to rest, you deserve it.

  4. Love the bowling photos! I haven't bowled in YEARS! And a Star Wars party? Sounds amazingly fun!

  5. great activities for kids in the summer!! great photos.

  6. I bet you are tired! That is a lot for a mamma with a little baby.

    I wish we could come bowling with you! My husband mounted a huge screen on our side yard for us to have outdoor movie nights. They are so fun, but we have not had one in a long time. Star Wars would be fun. Another one that I was thinking of is Galaxy Quest.

  7. You are Mama extraordinare! What fun memories you helped create for your children. Hope you are enjoying a little rest now:)


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