Thursday, June 7, 2012

Roll On

On a lighter note...

Clementine has something to tell you.

She is on a roll!

A couple of weeks ago she rolled from her back to her tummy.    After giving us a few show-stopping performances, she decided to stop altogether :)

She didn't leave us bored  since she decided to master her "baby" push -ups instead.

Before we knew it, she was attempting to hold her bottle.

So many big accomplishments to cheer her on for!

At 5am today, she was making a whole lot of racket in her crib.  I peered over to see what the fuss was and found her on her back.  (She is a tummy sleeper!)  

Each time she wakes up, I find her rolled over.

One time I found her on her back and she had also managed to kick on her sound machine.

(That blue button on the bottom right side is the power button which she kicks on and off.)

I mentioned on Facebook today that the kids think she is brilliant and that this wasn't "just luck" since she does it repeatedly. 

I have also caught her twiddling her hair in the back of her head as she sleeps sucking her thumb.

(Isn't that sweet?!)

And for the grand finale, I placed her on her play mat this afternoon and she actually was reaching and grabbing the toys for the first time!

We watch with mixed emotions at her wonderment and milestones!

The kids realize that their baby sister is growing a little too quickly for them.  

~  Patty  ~


  1. Those pictures are simply adorable! Joe had that ocean light thing for his crib and still sometimes plays with it when he is in his crib. He'll be in for quite a shock when it goes in the new baby's crib!

  2. she is a living doll, Patty. I can't believe how she is growing. those eyes (just like her mams) are so lovely!!

  3. I was just going to say what a sweet doll baby! Then I saw Gardenia's comment and chuckled...I guess she and I think alike;) How fun for the sibs to watch, oooh, and ahhh, over her progress! She does look like a real sweeeeetie!

  4. Enjoy that baby yumminess! Breathe it in. Before long, she will be getting married! How blessed are we to enjoy the years in between with them at home.

  5. What precious moments caught on camera! She is growing fast and I can tell she is adored by all her siblings as they watch her grow! She is a beautiful baby!

  6. I love the twirling hair picture, so adorable! Sorry I can't tell which girl is holding C in the last photo {I'm afraid I'm going to accidentally write their real name vs their blog name!} but her hair is adorable too!!

    1. Thanks, Jen! That is Mabel and her new cut. I just take the kids to Great Clips...not far from our house and easy to get in.

  7. Oh, I just want to get my hands on her!!! She is getting so big!


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