Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Kids' Activities

During the school year, I'm pretty strict  firm  when it comes to staying on task because when the school work doesn't get finished it inevitably means longer work days for me.

So, during the school year I try to keep priorities in this particular order ::

1. Faith formation
2. Education
3. Extra Curricular Activities  (Limited throughout the year.)

Summer break means more time to do the things we normally do not get to do.


Horse camp.

Last week, Emma was in horse camp.

Horse camp ended with their traditional Friday afternoon horse show that showcases skills the students have learned or further developed  throughout the week.

My girl LOVES this week!

Her confidence level has done some serious growing since last year's camp.  

She had a friend join her this year which made it even more exciting!

What really makes us so very, very proud of Ester is that she had to raise half the money for camp.  She did by dog-sitting throughout the year.  And let me tell you, she treats a dog like royalty when she sits it.


Swim team.  (This is our only year-round activitiy.)

Our young lady switched swim teams this spring, and I think we hit the jack pot.  The cost  is more but the expertise in coaching is like day and night.

My young swimmer being silly with friends :)

(All three girls are home schooled.  The one in the middle is in our home school group.)

This past weekend, Sally participated in her first swim meet -  ever.  Talk about butterflies!  And not just for Sally but for her mama as well!!!

Here is a 56 second video of her 50 meter Free.  She is in the top lane.


Big Girl - eating baby rice cereal for the first time.

Some people may consider this a sport depending on which side of the spoon you are on.


With David's surgery out of the way, this week promises to bring more excitement in our household.

Hope you all have a wonderful week enjoying your own summer bucket lists!

P.S.  Thanks for all those prayers!

~  Patty  ~


  1. Awesome race for your daughter- she won! And the horses look so fun. Great summer time fun! The baby pictures are just so precious. I could squeeze those cheeks through the computer. ;)

  2. I love the order in which you identified the priorities!! your girls look so happy! Emma is quite an esquestrian-ator!! is that a word? I just want to pick up and hold your Clemintine!! can't get enough of those pictures of her. And your Sally is a girl after my own heart -- I was a swim team girl too.

  3. I'm the same way with school and outside activities, I like to keep them to a minimum. Summer has been different though, we have been busy running around! Good things but still busy! Glad Ester had such a wonderful time at horse camp and way to go on the dog sitting!! Yea for Sally!


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