Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Gift Cards and Money

David and I had received gift cards (and money) from so many generous friends and family members when Clementine was born.  I've been spending  slowly and wisely.

I wanted them spent on something that would last (unlike diapers or formula).

*Bottles, bowls and spoons

*Girly-girl bath towels and wash rags

*A Bumbo baby seat and that Baby Einstein music/sounds machine in her crib

The other day I was trying to get dressed and then make our bed but little Clementine was not cooperating.  So I put her Bumbo seat in her crib.  I think she liked it :)

Plus, she was able to keep an eye on me!  (Isn't that a cute picture?)

* Guardian Angel framed print - I had returned a duplicate baptismal gift and paid the difference for the Guardian Angel print hanging above her crib.

* Play mat

* And one total splurge :)

I saw this cute, baby beach wrap in Pottery Barn Baby and had her name monogrammed on it!

It has a hood and fits up through 3T.  She'll be able to wear it for a few years.  (Nope, I haven't had her in the sun yet.)

* My mom lent me her old baby saucer that the other grandchildren had used.  Clementine LOVES it.  Thank you, Grammy!   BTW, I cannot believe how much the saucers/baby seats cost these days.  Ridiculous!   

* I had given away our old baby monitors.  That person still had them and sent them back to us :)

So we are doing pretty good keeping things simple and practical; so very appreciative of the generosity.

I still cannot get over how quickly time is passing!

~  Patty  ~


  1. love those eyes peeking out of the crib at you!! sweet beach wrap!!

  2. Thanks for sharing your blessings. I cannot believe how fast time is going by...seems like yesterday we were praying for her miraculous little self to hang in there! Those Bumbo seats are the best invention yet. I'm so glad you got one since I was not able to come through with my hopes and desires to help you with that;-)

    1. Oh my goodness, Tiffany! You did plenty :)


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