Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Checking Our List

Me:  Stan, go up and get your math flash cards, please.

Stan:  (Asking as though I'm from Mars)  Why?  It's not even a school day.

Me:  Because we are going to review this summer.

Stan:  Why do we still even have them?  (moaning, moaning, moaning :)  Why don't we just sell them?  Or throw them away?


Horse Camp started this week.

(A tired girl after the first day.)

Horse camp is 5 days this week, 8-9 hours each day.  She LOVES it :)


We had a movie night for some of the little girls in our home school group.  (16 little girls, age 6-9)

American Girl movie, Kit.

Ice cream sandwiches for a snack :)

They were SO well-behaved!!


Late night walks and enjoying God's beauty.

(The moon was a fantastic reddish-orange color on Monday night as it began to rise.)

And it is only Wednesday!  

Happy hump-day to you all!

~  Patty  ~


  1. i completely understand stan and his love for math! :)

  2. I wish we were neighbors! Having a party with your friends and family and ice cream! So nice! What a beautiful post above about adoption. We also want to adopt someday, and not because we can't it's because at one time after I contracted menincoccal meningitis I was told due to the high excessive fever and medicines to keep me alive that I would never had children. 17 years later -- I have 5 little ones and one in heaven and it goes to show you that God is the only one who wants to teach us a lesson of trusting and knowing that only He is in control. I admire your strength on praying before speaking. I must say that I have come to terms with silly comments on the number and route of fertility. lol! but in any way, we are all called to live our faith and convictions truly and with the help from God. You are doing a marvelous and beautiful job of mothering your sweet children. God bless and praying for continued success in your mothering ministry! =) <3

    1. Thanks, Jackie! I also had meningitis, but at the very young age of 10 months old. I had lost 10 lbs (a lot for a baby) and was in the hospital for one month. Back then, they didn't do spinal taps that often and when they finally did, they finally knew what had me so terribly ill. Thank God for modern medicine today!

  3. Ha, Ha, Ha. Stan made me laugh. And he is right. Why can't we just throw them away? :) What a totally adorable family you have Patty. I haven't been reading blogs or blogging. Miss hearing about your life. Kiss that family for me.


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