Monday, May 28, 2012

Whirlwind Weekend


Locks of Love :)

(So very proud of her :)


We had our annual cook out at the lake.

We met a new home school family that has...get this...5 boys (all under the age of 8 !)

Stan the Man is in Heaven...and the mama of those boys is a saint!   :)

The one above and the one below are identical twins!  

For the first time, my girls were outnumbered...ha ha!

Clementine and their youngest lad were able to sleep a little bit under the shade of the tent...

Lake days never let us down :)

Someone turned a big 4 months old over the weekend!!!

David says that her face (especially the eyebrows) are so full of expression.  I agree, don't you?

She loves to stand on her legs!

(Of course with lots of support!)

A few days ago, she showed NO sign of rolling over...then on Saturday, boom!  she rolled over at the lake! And she did it the hard way...back to tummy :)

She is adored.  

I still cannot help but feel total awe over being blessed with this little baby...still so surreal.


Pentecost Sunday, the birthday of the Church.  

We celebrated after Mass with a special Holy Spirit cake...

(This year, the dove kind of looked like a big plane don't you think?!)


Man cave for Stan!

We painted the office on Monday and moved in some of his bedroom furniture.

His grin tells you how happy he is :)

We didn't have the time nor energy to get the new curtains hung.  Hopefully tomorrow.

We still have to bring down his Lego table and hang his wall shelves, too.  

The office does not have a closet.  That's okay.  He and Clementine share our master closet with us.

But he does have to share this new space with his dad.

As for toys, he really only gets into Legos and his Nerf guns these days.  They'll fit nicely in his new room.

Is he happy?

"Mom, I feel like this is a dream come true!"

We capped off the day by making s'mores (over the grill :)

I think this has not only been one of the busiest weekends but one of the busiest months for us!

I've been thinking about our summer bucket list....haven't even written it down and we are already checking things off!

Do you all have a bucket list for summer?

Have a wonderful, fantastic, amazing week!

~  Patty  ~


  1. You guys did have a busy weekend! Love all the pictures. I didn't make anything special for Pentecost this year, I like your cake! I'm sure Stan slept great in his new room :)

  2. I bet Stan was in total heaven with the new family you met!!! That Clementine is absolutely adorable!
    Yay for Mabel: what an unselfish act that was, and her hair looks really cute! :)

  3. So sweet that your daughter donated her hair! I love all the pictures, especially the one of Clementine standing on the table. She is so stinking cute! :)


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