Monday, May 7, 2012


Between the new floors....finishing up the school year....and preparing for our trip to Illinois...I'm ready for a Margarita!  Care to join me?

I declare that all mothers deserve a vacation before taking the family on vacation.  What say you?

David is driving us up and then flying back to work.  He will have the entire house to himself...all the peace and quiet.  (I think I may be slightly jealous?)

While I prepare for this adventure, I'm taking a break from blogging.  I do, however, have a post  that you may find humorous (and may end up elevating my poor mother to the status of sainthood :)  

Topic:  Preparing for vacation - large family style :)

~ Patty  ~


  1. Patty, I think that is one of the first posts I ever read, and it just might be my all time favorite. The term "instrument of peace" will never be the same!!

  2. We'll miss you! Have a great time.

  3. Have a wonderful vacation! Enjoy the blogging break and we'll look forward to stories and photos when you return :)

  4. Have a great time and enjoy the time away from your "work place." Even though you will still be working, it sure is nice to have a change of scenery! God bless your travels!

  5. When you get back from your vacation, I have tagged you for a bit of fun...

  6. Even though there are no new posts to read, I just had to stop by to get a dose of your play list! :)


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