Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Special Friends

 A sign of a real friendship is when you can pick up right where you left off years ago.  Don't you agree?

David and I had moved to Springfield, Illinois about 16 years ago and lived there until we moved to Texas.

The first neighbors we met in Springfield were Eleanor and her late husband Charles.

We try to stop in and visit Eleanor whenever we drive through Springfield.

This trip up, we had decided to spend a night in Springfield and catch up with friends....young and old and new.

We were able to visit with Stan's awesome godparents, Paul and Dottie...

(and their dog Max :)

And when my dear, dear friend, Deena, arrived with her kids...well...they literally jumped into each other's arms!

(I couldn't get out my camera fast enough to get good pics!)

(Deena's kids with the Littles :)

I was able to hook up with another  dear friend, Janet.  Janet is a veteran home school mom of 7 who is a grandmother (almost twice!)  I want to look like that when I'm a grandmother!

(Myself, Janet, & Deena)

DFW folks:  Janet's brother is a priest.  His first appointment was at Blessed Sacrament in Springfield with then Msgr. Kevin Vann, who happens to now be Bishop Keven Vann of the Fort Worth Diocese.

(Clementine was showered with love!)

I missed out on taking so many pictures of all the kids who showed up,  but I was having so much fun visiting my old girlfriends!
The Littles had an extra special treat when they met their pen pals face-to-face!!!

(The Pitchfords and the Littles)

I had just met Tammy and her eldest son right before we moved to Texas.  They were in the same home school group as us.

Tammy is one of THE sweetest ladies I have had the privilege of knowing!  Her sons are just as sweet!

Enter the only hiccup of the trip.

As soon as we pulled into the hotel parking lot, David had another kidney stone attack!  I had one some 20 years ago and it!  was!  awful!!

I felt so bad for him.

So there we were...

Van full of hungry kids - David very sick in the lobby bathroom - I'm trying to check us in (ready to cry).  

At that very moment our guardian angels came to the rescue.  Stan's godparents pulled up...took the four oldest to dinner while I was able to get the baby to sleep and David in a hot shower.  

Then I unpacked the trailer.

More guardian angels arrived on the scene.

Two of my friends are nurses...one is married to a doctor...among the three of them, they were able to get David the needed medication to ease the pain and stop the vomiting.  ANGELS!

All of my lady friends had heard the panic in my text message.  They came bearing sprite & crackers, snacks & juice boxes for the kiddos and Dottie even managed to bring in a libation or two for me :)  

While David was waiting for the good effects of his happy drugs to kick in, we stayed down in the lobby of the hotel.  He briefly was able to visit a couple of friends after his stomach calmed down and his pain subsided.

It was not how we had planned the reunion, but looking back, I'm glad the attack happened where it did...among friends with connections!

To  think that this was only the end of day 2 out of 12!  David and I were already worn out!

But it did get better...more to come...

~  Patty  ~


  1. Sounds like a wonderful group of friends! I am so sorry to hear about David's kidney stone attack. :(

  2. I'm so glad that all happened when your friends were their to rally around and help you! I would have been a wreck. Nothing like good friends coming to the rescue :)

  3. Good friends are such a blessing! Your poor dh!

  4. Oh what JOY in your reunions!!! Love all of those smiles...So true about cherished friendships that pick right up where you left off:) Oh, that is such a bummer with David. I'm so glad you have such awesome Angels that helped in time of need, praise God! Hope you are settling back into routine back home:)


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