Thursday, May 24, 2012

Isn't The View Beautiful?

My mother's backyard...

So lush and green!

But it really comes to life when you throw a bunch of kids together for a game of wiffle ball.

The cousins played  SO many ball games during our stay!  Game after game...9 innings each time...with a seventh inning break to sing God Bless America :)

Cousins caught up on Grammy's porch...

And there was a whole lot of this...

We joined other out-of-town cousins at a hotel pool...

I found some of the young "men"  working out in the gym after their swim.  Too cute!

Clementine met so many relatives and received tons of lovins'!!

She was held while she slept...

And held while she was awake...

The night before Mother's Day, 7 out of 9 of us kids, spouses and our kids gathered at my mom's house for a cook out.  Can you imagine hosting a dinner for 37 family members?  

It was loud and now and so much fun!  Dad was definitely there in spirit.  I love how we are able to talk about him and keep his memory alive so effortlessly.  It does a heart good :)

(Ester and Clementine with older cousins and Aunt Mary.)

(Legos :)

We celebrated a little cousin turning 2.

(Isn't she cute?!)

Good times for sure!

Stan was thrilled to pieces when he had two sleep overs - "Boys Only" sleep overs :)

I thought the cutest was when I found Stan and one of his cousins  digging in Grammy's garden looking for dinosaur bones.     "...because they have 'em in Texas you know..."

We had a picnic one Grammy's backyard....

We were able to get a visit in with my aunt.  My mom's oldest sister.

And when the kids grew bored...they dove into Grammy's old collection of Majesty magazines!

I enjoyed chatting face-to-face with my sisters.  (Wish we lived closer!)

(My sister, Mary, who is the oldest daughter, is a CPA.)

(My sister, Sue, the second daughter, is a registered nurse.)

(My sister, Jane, the youngest daughter, has a degree in biology.  I have my degree in Elem. Ed.)

Simple pleasures.  Love them.

My mother's day was pretty special this year.  I was able to cook for both my mother and mother-in-law.  I'll post about it later.

Have a fantastic holiday weekend!

~  Patty  ~


  1. Why, yes I can imagine hosting a dinner for that many family members, and I did one Thanksgiving! Boy, that won't happen again!
    You & Sue look so much alike! I think you look more like her than the other 2.
    Your mom's yard is soooo green! the pictures brought back a lot of memories of visits with my relatives!

    1. I always think of you when I have these family get-togethers. You know EXACTLY what I'm talking about :)

  2. Your posts are always so cool. What an awesome time to be able to have everyone together!

  3. I loved every moment of that week! It went by too fast, but it left warm and wonderful memories in my heart!
    Love you,

  4. Patty, I love all the family photos. Your mother's back yard is indeed beautiful!! and hey I think I recognize C's lil outfit !! ;)

    1. I was hoping you'd recognize that cute, cute outfit! :) I also thought of you when I was in her gardens. I know how beautiful yours is in pics.

  5. I love all these pictures! It reminds me so much of my childhood at my grandma's with all my cousins.

    1. Thank you :) I love all of my childhood memories...especially from playing outside in the yard!

  6. Every single view is beautiful!!

  7. Your Mother's backyard is beautiful, I would love that yard!! Nice and shady with plenty of room to play. Cooking for 37 sounds like an adventure :) Your family is so beautiful, thanks for sharing!

  8. Hi Patty! I loved all your beautiful pictures of your family! Your mother's yard could be in a magazine and everyone looked like they had alot of fun! So glad you enjoyed your time together!


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