Sunday, May 20, 2012

Heading North

David drove the kids and I up to Illinois and then flew back to Texas to work for another week before flying back up to Illinois to drive us back to Texas.

Whew!  Whatever works right?

(The kids take turns being co-pilot.  I think David prefers me in the back LOL!)

(That would be a fort in the back of the van.  It kept them quiet for over an hour!)

We always break the very, very long drive up into 2 days.

This year, David pulled the camper up...the one he built last fall.  What a gem!  Not only did it fit all of our stuff with room to spare, but it even made for a great little "kitchen" when it was time to eat!

(He has plans to put a little microwave in there soon :)

On day 2 of our trip, we decided to surprise the kids and take them up into the St. Louis Arch.  

(And this is when I wished I had put on my good lens!)

(If you haven't noticed yet, Ester and Sally strategically wore their Rangers shirts in Missouri :)

If you have never been up in the Arch, there are numerous "eggs" that carry people to the top, five in an "egg".    

Inside one of the "eggs" riding up - which takes 4 minutes to go up....3 minutes to go down.

This is the view from the top...

(The Mighty Mississippi River looking East toward Illinois.)

And we parked right along the river...right about...

(Inside at the top...yes, it did sway a bit :)

Looking out over the city...

(That would be Cardinal Stadium inset.  We know that Rangers Stadium is more beautiful!)

Remember how I mentioned that we parked right next to the river?  Can you guess what little boy really liked that?

I honestly think he liked the river more than the Arch!  LOL!

More to come...

~  Patty  ~


  1. Of course...little boys are like magnets to water! YS' band went to St. Louis last year for the St. Patty's Day Parade, and went up the arch. YS said he will NEVER do that again! :)
    Looks like a good time!

  2. *gasp* I am in awe of your beautiful photos! That seriously looks like an awesome trip. What fun!

    Good to read from you again, Friend. Glad you are home safe and sound again.

  3. What fun families memories! :) And I love the portable kitchen...too cool! You win the award for being most prepared traveler with that hitched to the back!

  4. What a wonderful day! Looking forward to seeing more of your photos in days to come!

  5. Incredible photos!! Wow. And what memories.

  6. Can't wait to see more photos! Not sure I would have been crazy about the "swaying egg!"

  7. Hi Patty, what a fun stop in your traveling. I went to visit the Arch as a child and I've been wanting to bring my son to see it. You went on a beautiful day ~ that view is amazing! Did you have a long wait before it was your turn to go up?

    1. Hi Noreen! Not much has changed in the Arch except the museum seems newer to me and it is amazing! When we arrived, we had 45 minutes to kill before our tickets were called up. They have a screen up that tells you when your ticket will be next so you can look in the museum until then. There were then three waiting stations, about 10 minutes each. The first you stand in line. The second you can look at photos of the arch in progress. The third is a short movie and then you get into your pod/egg :)

  8. On our last trip to St. Louis, Dad offered to take me up in the Arch. When we approached it, I opted not to go. I honestly think he was remember how he was with carnival rides, heights, speed, etc. The merry-go-round was the most he could handle. Ahh.......good memories! Loved our visit Patty !

  9. Patty, I've enjoyed reading all your posts on your trip up north. what a wonderful time you had visiting friends and godparents, and seeing the sights. That's a great picture of Eleanor and you and the children!!

  10. Wow, that view is incredible from the arch! (And such a clear day!) Love that fort in the van...genious! Glad to hear you had a wonderful trip:)


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